Monday, October 31, 2005

The news from Bondi

It was a blog-free weekend, folks, and kind of nice to stay off a computer for a couple of days. Shortly after my post on Friday, Haydn and I nixed going to the Ray/Ben/Missy concert, we just lost gumption and parking looked to be a hassle. I got home and procured some Chili Basil stir-fry from up the hill at Thai Terrific and then fell asleep about 20 minutes into Napoleon Dynamite -- bummer! I wanted to catch the little nuances that I didn't when I saw it last year for the first time.

Saturday was a gorgeous day here and I pretty much hung out in the 'hood. I felt a bit homesick that night, when it was time to make dinner and I really wanted to flip on the radio and listen to Prairie Home Companion. I always like when Saturday ends, it gets dark out, and you can listen to the News from Lake Wobegone and make some tacos. I think I'll have to start listening to shows online. Thank goodness for interweb.

Totally rainy Sunday was an outing for Yum Cha at Bondi Junction, or as those back in the states call it, Dim Sum. Haydn and I met up with Dan and Anthea and waited about an hour for a table. Also waiting was one of the hot ranch hands from McLeod's Daughters. My first celeb spotting in Oz, and I'm tempted to put it on Gawker, but I think it would need to be, like, to be relevant. So, Anthea was our Yum Cha expert and knew exactly what dumplings and whatnot that we should have. Some lovely fried dumplings and delicious mango pancakes. And, yes, I still for the life of me cannot figure out how to use chopsticks.

After that, H and I felt the spirit of the Orient and went to Mao and More to look around at furniture and Mao-inspired art and communist propaganda. Good times, and of course in a wierd way made me nostalgic for Russia/China class in high school. This is a great resource if you're looking for that Mao bust to put on the mantle.

Dinner was over at Jimmy Pops and Michelle's and I really drank too much wine and ate kebabs. But it was quite the international gathering with me, Morgan (England), Pops (Ireland), and Michelle and Haydn representing Australia. Seems like we were missing a Canadian or something. And that pretty much wraps up the weekend.

Halloween is pretty much a non-event here and I was only really reminded of it when I saw the date on the newspaper today. I think I did see a woman on her way to some kind of pagan celebration, but I don't expect any trick-or-treaters. I hope some of you are keeping it real and donning costumes for some pagan revelry tonight...



greggums said...

Oh man, I can taste all that yummy food from here. I also waited an hour this weekend to eat dinner--at Judie's in Amherst, MA, where the specialty is hot popovers w/apple butter. Mmm! Delicious, but not necessarily worth the hour wait.

I was totally bummed to have had to skip the South Hadley Haunted Hayride, on account of its being 30 degrees Saturday night. I was supposed to be watching my parents go up in a hot air balloon ride, but the weather foiled that too, so basically I just soaked up the unpolluted air of the West. Things turned considerably warmer and clearer on Sunday, when we went to the top of a nearby mountain to look down on the quaint New England town of Sunderland and brilliant fall foliage for miles around.

Despite all this New Englandiness, I've been completely remiss in my Halloween celebrating--not even a costume, and no Swiss Institute party!--and I have no cultural excuse, since I'm living in the epicenter of it all. (OK, the bawdy epicenter; the official one would be Salem, MA, I suppose. Never forget "The Crucible"'s Giles Corey: "More weight!") So you feel more a part of it, check it out: Yes, g'bless the interweb. And for the epicenter of drunken, out-of-control Halloween celebrating, apparently your home town was the place to be:

Too bad you missed Your Ben Lee, but it sounds like there was plenty of weekend goodness to make up for it. After a blowout trip to Newbury Comics (for a Wicked Good Time), I now have the Calexico/Iron & Wine and My Morning Jacket among others. I need your indie rock suggestions or will be suffocated by my Carnegie tweed/patches!

Happy Halloween bitches! I've gotta go polish my patches.

greggums said...

Oh shoot, I forgot to mention that I had my first Sunday Night Kobma since you left, and let me tell you, it sure wasn't the same. Sure, the summer roll and pad thai and tofu and vegetables in hot sauce (no curry, thanks), were the same old (and not nearly as good as Thai Terrific, natch), but the ambiance wasn't quite there. But there is a giant hole forming in my bathroom above my shower, thanks to the water from 3C, so maybe it will start looking like your old place before too long and Kobma will taste like it used to.

Oh, and be sure to get that up and running, thanks. The Hilton girls need some serious competition and the Olsens are just not gonna cut it. We need some red-blooded Aussies in the mix!

sam said...

guess what? i am a complete retahd when it comes to chopsticks too. im always the loser asking for a fork.