Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The way around

Little habits are taking form, I'm realizing as I write this, because today was Tuesday, which meant I went to yoga at Tamarama and then went to read and drink coffee and eat banana bread at Bronte Beach. Then due to an enormous appetite that I will attribute to the yoga class (and not to the tapeworm that Haydn thinks I have), I headed home and ate the leftover deluxo tuna/tomato/chili pasta from last night.

Today was a big day in Australia, as it was the Melbourne Cup -- Australia's Kentucky Derby, but on a larger scale, I'd say. It is the "Race that Stops the Nation," and it is a holiday in Melbourne and around here a lot of people leave work to head to a pub and watch the race, a few don the suits, dresses and hats for the occassion.

After I watched the race, I headed into the city to Haydn's office. There are a few buses that go from Bondi towards the city. I can take one right into the center of the city, or I can get off the bus at Bondi Junction (a short ride, and do-able walk from where I live) and catch a bus or train to other parts of the city. It takes usually a good 45 minutes to an hour for me door to door from home to the office. It's a nice walk from when I get off the bus to get to Haydn's office, which is in Surry Hills, a leafy neighborhood of furniture stores, cafes, and shops.

Sydney kind of reminds me of Chicago in terms of transportation. While the expressways are not nearly as terrifying or massive, it is the kind of city where you don't need a car, but it is highly recommended and for the most part, makes life a bit easier. Haydn has a car, but it is manual transmission and since I really only like to drive in Madison, I will be staying off the roads and sticking to my co-pilot duties.

It is a day late, but I thought I'd include a picture from Yum Cha on Sunday.

More tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

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greggums said...

Dude, I think your blog is great too, but I may need to check out anonymous's site to learn how to *make money from home*. Screw this commuting business! And hell, since you've got the whole transport/immigration sitch, maybe they let people *make money from home* on a visitor's visa too. Noice.

I once walked from Lincoln Park to Boystown in Chicago, cause, well, it's where the boys are, and boy were my legs tired. I imagine driving stick on the wrong side of the road could be cataclysmic.

So, who won the race? My Melbourner boss is dying to know, I'm sure.

Have you heard that your Commonwealth cuties Camilla and Chuck are in town? Beware birds that nest in ugly ladies' hats. (I leave you to interpret that as either hats of ugly ladies or ugly hats for ladies, either of which might apply.)

Happy almost Wednesday!

Dusty said...

So. . .is parking actually a problem out there? Does everyone have cars like my hometown of LA? If so, how come pollution doesn't seem to be such an issue? I guess all that over-development didn't really help LA. What about traffic, does it ever get wicked-congested? very curious to hear these LA-Oz similarities. Of course, nothing can top LA's over-powering sense of "you are what you drive/shallowness", we've got you beat there Auzzies

Lucy said...

I can barely drive in Madison! Stick to co-piloting, especially if you are going to be listening to Big Audio Dynamite! :) Don't think I forgot about this special "drive by" we did of the Rahman house back in the day. Will be thinking of you and missing your presence when I head home to the great state of Sconi for the Rahman/Taylor nuptials.

melissa said...

Thanks for answering my transport question, TC! I had this silly image of you walking everywhere and everything being really close together, like a little village, when I know darn well that Sydney is a big city!

So glad to hear you're settling into a routine. It must be hard to be someplace new without a regular place to be every day. Thank god for McLeod and his girls, right? Appointment television!

Speaking of which, I'm watching Gilmore Girls now, thinking of you. Think it's a repeat, but I missed it the 1st time around -- it started with Luke & Lorelai celebrating their engagement with Zima.

Keep on bloggin'! (And I'm with Gregg; we all should find out how to work from home/beach.)