Sunday, April 22, 2007

The more I think about it, the more I know it's true

Wilco is my all-time forever favorite band -- hardly a news flash -- and I have been a very lucky girl to work at their record label, to have met my husband through our shared Wilco experiences, and... to have seen them THREE times this week in Australia. Yes, indeedy, it was a long wait for their triumphant return to Oz since their 2003 tour, so the folks here have not had the great fortune to hear all the new tunes since then. Unlike some of us, ahem.

That changed with a heaping helping of 2 hour+ shows this week. I headed to Melbourne for the Weds and Thurs shows and enjoyed the sidestage view. I also enjoyed this amazing pizza on my Thursday strolling through St. Kilda.

(Obligatory Chunkytoast food mention)

Saturday, the lovely Joeley B accompanied me to the Enmore for an incredible show -- the room was filled with big songs, grand noise, and the audience showed enthusiasm, reverence, and thankfulness. (The Melbs peeps were probably all these things too, just not as demonstrative). And per always, I can't take a picture at a concert to save my life. So my pictorial includes one crappy shot from Enmore and then the random goodness of having an all access pass.

The kind of pic that Haydn and I will look back at in 20 years and reminisce about when we were cool:

Dueling tour managers, Jason and Haydn:

Stage awaits in Melbs:

Aforementioned poorly executed pic from Enmore show:

Wilco friends:

Ahhh, good times. Lucky people you are in Eur and N America when the band comes your way very soon.

xo tc

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Time to catch up on the life and times...

Headed up to Brisbane and Straddie for the long Easter weekend. It wasn't as spectacularly sunny as one might think if you haven't spent the last 80 some years in that neck of the woods. Sooo, we had some sun, some wind, some sideways rain and lots of home cookin' and time with the kids.

Johnston kids with their Easter loot

Jack and Ella, before the rain came down and we raced back to the car. Ella runs fast, lemme tell ya

The green house next to the Jetson's-esque pad is the Johnston place

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ominous skies

The first time I ever heard the word "ominous" was when I took an advance level spelling test in 5th grade. For some reason that word really stuck with me andI remember it was used in the context of "the dark clouds made for ominous skies," or something to that effect.

Well, here are ominous skies in full effect:

I walked out the door this morning with sunny skies to the east and nearly black skies to the west. I headed towards the bus stop in the sun and snapped this pic as light and dark met (sounds like an English class motif!). Thankfully, the sky waited about 2 minutes before it opened up with pouring rain and pebble-sized hail and I had been able to get onto the bus without getting drenched. An adventorous commute today, indeed.

xo tara