Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sometimes we need a little overcast

Kind of a gloomy day here, but that's ok as it was a late night at the Annandale ( I was reunited with Lovell's Lager and the Rule brothers et al) and a bit rough waking up this morning -- at least for people like Haydn who go to work and whatnot. I'm quite enjoying Australian TV and its very minimal amount of commercials. Shows don't start on the :00 and :30 but all over the clock, and I think it must have something to do with lack of commercials. It all makes for my Little House on the Prairie and Sex in the City re-run watching that much more pleasurable.

Went around the corner to Campbell Parade to The House of Pi (not sure if there a pi sign on the keyboard, hmm) and had a delicious, comforting meat pie -- a little beef and mushroom pie in a very hearty crust topped with the mashed potatoes, mashed peas, and brown gravy. One can order the pie sans mashed and gravy toppings, but as the guy at the counter said "it is much more filling this way." Would make for great street cart food, Sam and Eli.

It is nearly dark outside and I'm watching some Law & Order circa Mr. Big as Jerry Orbach's partner and Crossing Jordan woman as the lady DA. I think there is a birthday party tonight for a friend of Haydn's. Tomorrow for sure is dinner near the Harbor and then some sort of "sport" viewing -- there is no "s" on sports here -- I think Rugby League. It is just so cool to have a normal weekend with Haydn, maybe we'll check out some dresser drawers and bikes, too.

Hurrah for the sangria toast, it sounded like a great time, Gregg! Is there a Nano in your future?

In the name of Chunkytoast --


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D. Pausch said...

Man, I just love these food blogs... ; )

Anonymous said...

TC, that pie sounds SO YUM. gregg's was a good time but we missed you greatly. and there is a big gaping hole here, now that you have gone!

i hope you get a cute bike! have you been to the beach yet? we need to see some PIX, man!