Monday, July 30, 2007

scenes from the toasty apartment

Because I haven't posted in awhile on the actual blogspot, it doesn't mean that I haven't written completely eloquent, witty, insightful blogs in my head while out and about. Then I'd come home, sit in front of my new totally energy inefficient space heater, put on flannel pajamas and watch Ugly Betty or The Hills. And I didn't really blog. So it's the winter + space heater factor, and for those who have known me since growing up at the Carter homestead, you know my love for space heaters at not overly heated houses.

Here is the $29.95 heater:

We've been staying in a fair bit and keeping a low profile...but one night after seeing the amazing Sarah Blasko, I meant to write it right away and how one of the musician's dad was at the pub singing along and then during one of the most beautiful, sad, clear songs I looked over and he had tears streaming down his face as he sang every word.

But then I came home to space heater and didn't share.

The other night we went to see Gotye and his "mini-orchestra," another great artist doing incredible, new things. Plus he's a drummer who sings, always exciting. And I meant to write about it more fully, but came home to the space heater.

In more chunkytoast-related news, I recently made spaghetti and meatballs, a new culinary attempt for me. I did get a pic of the fruit of my labors. And in true housewife spirit, I sported the apron Ann gave me for Christmas. Aprons are really handy, I might add. I predict a comeback.

But, lastly, for those of you who have stayed at Chez Carter Johnston/Johnston Carter, we have gotten rid of the wonderfully tacky futon. It served quite the purpose during our influx of visitors - Tom & Jen, Lucy & Ann, and our prodigal son Baggar Hadley who took up part-time residence during The Ashes. But the spare room is going the way of the home office and Haydn's accomplished ebay skills found a great desk and chair set. The futon, with yellow throw included so as to not induce nauseau from the actual pattern of the futon cover, is on to the home of some British friends with a round of visitors arriving in the coming months.

Here is Haydn, writing his great Australian novel at the great Australian desk.

And the desk, with more office re-decorating to come. It's all a process here as can be seen by the corner of the other desk that is still in the room.

And that, in a rather scattered fashion, pretty much covers the recent Blair Street highlights.