Friday, October 28, 2005

Today I went to the beach

The title pretty much sums it up. I woke up late, it was absolutely beautiful out, nary a cloud in the sky, so I watched Little House on the Prairie and then headed down to Bondi Beach. Stopped at Baristas on the way for a flat white, and the guy asked me where I was from and I said "New York," altho I usually want to say Wisconsin for the sheer exotic-ness of it, but NY requires less explanation. "Oh, I thought you were Scandy," he said. I'm thinking that's Scandinavian, nope, I'm 'Sconie.

Just laid about and read the Daily Telegraph and did venture into the water a couple times, not much past my ankles. The water is cold, yet lots of people swimming in the waves. Brought back nice memories of playing in the waves at the Whalley Beach Party 2005 at the Jersey shore.

As far as culinary updates, it's been all about the home cooking. Last night Haydn made his pasta with tomato sauce and tuna with a major dose of chili -- I think it could be worthy of a spot on the Lil Frankies menu. Gregg and Lucy would remember this dish from the pre-half marathon carbo-loading fest this spring. Haydn remarked that he never saw me eat so fast before, must have been all that scholarly action at the library. Anyway, I revisited the leftovers this afternoon post-beach. And interesting to note, canned tuna comes in flavors here -- like pesto, chili, and a couple of others. Maybe I didn't recently visit the tuna section in my grocer's back in the US, but I don't recall any Chicken-of-the-Sea flavas.

And, tonight, friends, is the You Am I show. Besides Jazzy Josh -- I gave him a CD after my visit here -- most of you in the US probably aren't familiar with one of Australia's greatest indie rock bands EVER. Truthfully, I'm not all the familiar either, but I've heard the lore and I'm on the guest list. Hurrah for guest lists!



greggums said...

Scandy, check yo self befo you wreck yo self. SPF 30, please! I do love the beeach (biatch) pics though. Jealous much?

And as to flava'd tuna: Hickory Smoked, Zesty Lemon Pepper, Herb & Garlic,
Sweet & Spicy. Bring it!

Mmm ... Haydn's tuna pasta. Mmm ... running 13.1 miles. Ooh, not so much.

sam said...

wow, that beach looks nicey. gregg is right - SPF 30, lady!

gregg already postd the most exciting news about scarlosh, so i will just reiterate that yes, we ate the always-yummy sauasage pizza and wondered how we could send you a txt message.


Amy said...

I'm so jealous. You at gorgeous Bondi and me, still with a head cold, at 48° grey NYC.