Thursday, October 27, 2005

Quest for knowledge, wifi, and the food court

Today my search for wi-fi brought me to the State Library of New South Wales, specifically The Mitchell Library and its beautiful Reading Room, you can take a little online tour of it and imagine me at one of the two-person tables with my Mac, catching on up on emails and reading Trent's blog. The guy at the next table was up to his chin in Environmental Studies reports on the Homebay Bush and at my table sits a copy of Australian Economic History Review, Vol. 10-11, 1970-71. Light reading, if you will.

The Reading Room is just as it should be all grand and quiet and well-lit, with big wood tables, stained glass windows and three stories of built-in bookshelves. Haydn has a friend who comes here for the wi-fi and the air of scholarly productivity, and the librarians were very nice to give me a library card despite not having anything with a local address on it. The library is downtown in the area known as the domain. The Sydney Hospital is next door, the Parliament house is on the street, and the Australian Mint, too. Though, I think the mint is more of a landmark than a place printing the Australian dollar. Hyde Park is nearby, a long lovely stretch of green in the middle of the city, and on the other side of the park and the historic buildings are the skyscrapers and such.

Before I found the library, I found the big mall area and was happy to stumble upon the Body Shop. Then I found myself incredibly starving and ended up at...the mall food court. I was going to opt for good ol' Subway -- afterall, I was at the mall! But the meal deals there include a soda and a cookie. Um, hello, it isn't a meal deal without potato chips, right? So then the Chinese place next to Subway lured me away.

Haydn is picking me up in a bit and I believe we're checking out the band The Cops tonight. Hmm, but I bet I will be able to watch McLeod's Daughters before that.

And with that, a bit more web cruising and more to come tomorrow!


Dusty said...

okay, I forgot to tell you who I saw in LA besides Gang of Four and LCD Soundsytsem. I saw the Cops! They're awesome. I saw them at this tiny hole-in-the-wall club called Silverlake Lounge, because my sister's friend (and fellow WBR Int'l marketeer) wants to manage them, and asked us to come along for moral support. They rock! Just plain ol' good seattle rock & roll. if you do go see them, lemme know whatcha think.

ann said...

Ooh the new office sounds very lovely. It's nice to hear you've got such industrious co-workers unlike my office which is populated largely by the lunching elderly.

The lack of crisps at the subway is v. they smoosh up the cookie inside their turkey sub?

Oh and thanks for the fruit info in the last post. I still find it v. suprising that there is only one novel fruit. I mean this country has animals with pouches, but the fruit's the same? Maybe it's all just been overrun by non-native species...seems like a question for you Environmental Studies friend...

greggums said...

Hey, who says the Aussies are Luddites? That virtual tour was great. It was so realistic I thought if I hovered the mouse over one of the tables I'd see your nerdly neighbor sneaking a peak over your shoulder to catch all the latest hot gossip from Detroit Rock City.

Oh shiz! Speaking of gossip ... boy did Sam and I wish we could text message you last night at dinner (Li'l Frankies -- melt-in-your-mouth buffalo mozzarella w/basil/tomato; soup & tuna for me; sausage p'za for Sam and Holly) when just one table away from us supped the hottest couple in the East Village: Scarlett Johanssen and Josh Hartnett! Poor Sam had her back turned to them and could only absorb their hottness osmotically through her brain. Poor Holly and I couldn't stop staring, bad nonchalant NYers that we are.

Oh, plus the Martha Wainwright show afterwards was great. Rufus was hanging about in the bar downstairs at Bowery Ballroom, but the poor boy could hardly live up to Mr. Hartnett's hotness. Ruf sang a couple numbers with his sis, but it was mostly Martha and all good.

Tonight is Youssou's "Egypt" show in Stern. I'm not sure what Sam will be eating for dinner, but I'm keeping it light. I don't think any hot famous peeps will be there, esp. since Giselle Bundchen was scared away by the ushers at the Caetano show.

Oh, and it's f'in cold here! Colder than Bondi fo shiz.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the Urneses;
Printed out chunkytoast
Looks very interesting
Sounds like you're having fun
Lots of love Jim and Lois