Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Hurrah hurrah, we ushered in the first bbq of the almost here summer. Sunday was a big blast of heat, the dissonace of a trip to Ikea way out in Homebush (only for the selected dresser drawers to be out of stock, 2nd choice please bc we were not coming back), and finally an evening of cooking out with Jimmy, Michelle, Emily, and Geoff.

Haydn manned the grill and there was so much meat one might think it was sponsored by Sam the Organic Butcher. Chicken wings, sausage, steak, hamburgers. Seriously. But Haydn was in his element, a true multi-tasker. We even capped off the meal with Moet and apple pie. Style, class, wholesomeness.

And for good measure...in addition to the dresser, we figured since we made the Burke & Wills trek, we might as well get a butcher block while we were at it.

(ok, slightly staged...)

So while it may seem to be all BBQs and power tools with Haydn around...whilst I write we're wrapping up an evening of Gilmore Girls and Project Runway...staying true!


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Work in progress

It's been hard to write lately with all this nesting going on. We've moved a few streets over and now find ourselves in North Bondi -- upmarket as Haydn says. But I'm sure the southsiders might beg to differ. In the meantime, there's been lotsa boxes, suitcases, more boxes (thanks Love Police, they make great nightstands!), a hot water heater with a mind of it's own, 5 channels on a very small tv followed by 5 channels on a big tv, and as of Thursday Foxtel digital cable on a big tv! Yay! Up next -- the guy comes to hook up broadband. There will be a dance of joy on the newly acquired floor rug on that day.

Oh and that whole Pacific Ocean deal is still like 2 blocks away and the weather has been beautiful and that's why you throw open the door on your verrrranda.

The rug, the tv (E! News), the framed Wilco poster awaiting its place on a wall. We're still a work in progress...