Monday, November 16, 2009

Tacos on a stormy night

Tacos on a stormy night
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It's Monday, about 6pm. Time to think about dinner. Haydn IMs me and asks the question married couples have been asking each other for thousands of years, 'What do you feel like for dinner?'

Both of us stumped. It's just easier to sit at your desk sometimes and eat pre-packaged cheese and crackers. But I needed to call it a day. So I headed to my trusty IGA across the road and wandered the aisles a bit, going in the wrong direction of grocery shopping traffic til it struck me. Chicken soft tacos -- but keep it simple. No rice, no beans, just lots of lettuce and tomatoes and sour cream.

So that's what we did. As I pulled the car out of the parking garage, drops of rain started to splatter down. Brilliant cracks of lightning flashed in the distance. Driving into the cross-city tunnel, I could see a lightning bolt off to my left over the harbour and it reflected in a tall, glass building on my right.

I made it home safe and sound, and H and I resumed the business at hand. He was on the chicken cooking duty, and I was on prep work.

Monday comes to a close...