Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Everything in its right place

Pretty nice day, this Tuesday is. Got up early, as is my new habit and decided to take a yoga class at a place I've been running by in the mornings. A pretty mellow class at Tamarama SLSC (Surf Live Saving Club), an old timey neighborhood surf/ocean safety place with old surf boards mounted on the walls, there were even a couple of surf dudes in the class. How great to take a small morning class and to literally hear the ocean outside the window. I'm not talking about taking a class in a basement -- bc seemingly that is where all yoga class are that I have taken in Madison and NYC -- with a sound effects CD and some incense burning, no, this was literally the Pacific Ocean. It is really a wonderful way to clear the mind. Then I strolled over to Bronte Beach and had a flat white and a muffin there.

Almost finished with The Time Traveller's Wife, a book that Sam gave me. It is one of those that kind of sucks you in and you care about the characters even if they are a bit precious, and it is set in Chicago and I love to hear those familiar street names like Dearborne, Monroe, Randolph, Ashland.

Now I'm sitting in Haydn's office, and we're heading out in a bit for tapas for a friend's birthday. I have officially unpacked my suitcase now and put things away. No bike yet, as there's been an edict issued that I'm not quite ready to take on the roads what with the opposite lanes of traffic and all that. I did catch a bit of The View this afternoon, and my god those women are annoying, well, except Meredith Veira. Why is that program on here when there could be Regis & Kelly spreading their goodwill around the world?!

Til tomorrow,


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dude, that flat white & muffin looks SO GOOD. can you please take a pic of chunky toast?

yeah, the book so cheesy but so good but so cheesy but so good. right? love to hate it. etc.