Friday, September 07, 2007

Sydney: A City Under Lockdown

The Asian-Pacific Economic Co-Operation (APEC) is in full swing in Sydney with Dubya, Putin and pretty much everyone else from this part of the world in town. It's brought the place to a standstill and portions of the city are essentially under lockdown for all the delegates to bustle around in motorcades (both real and fake). Bush brought a contingent of 650, for goodness sake.

However, silver lining to all the media brouhaha, overkill of Bush coverage, and temporary barbed-wire fences is a day off work. A bizarro public holiday of sorts. But while going too far out of our Bondi bubble was not advised, we got to Surry Hills, had a wander, and got some pub grub. But all was quiet, as seen in the picture below of Oxford Street at about 3:30 on a Friday afternoon. Quiet, minimal traffic, clouds overhead.

It's a good night to stay in with the space heater on, have a glass of wine, and sit down for a roast dinner. Haydn's working on that as I write...

Happy weekend,