Tuesday, January 29, 2008

From a distance

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No, the subject head is not a reference to the Bette Midler ballad but I suppose it could be. I took this picture on Friday night at the Big Day Out when Rage Against the Machine took the stage. This is a view from the relatively safe confines of the industry area known as the Lizard Lounge. Aptly named? Yeah, probably. But hey, there's a bar and seats in there. Sign me up!

I for one, would not have been able to breathe down in the midst of that testosterone-fueled, Southern Cross-tattooed mob. But this scene in Sydney was more civilized than the crowd in Melbourne.

I think I'm more of a sit-in-the-grass festival person these days...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

back to the beach

We've been back from our Christmas journey nearly a week now. It's a sort of distant memory because we've entered into another completely different environment (like Fiji to Wisconsin, wow). So, it's summer, really sunny and warm but not quite muggy. Lucky me, with a meeting in the city and straight home after, I was able to join the few thousand others still at the beach at 6pm. A weekday, early evening dip was beyond refreshing. Looks like lots of folks do it for good reason.

I found it fitting to continue with the beachy theme of today, and Haydn and I got fish and chips and sat hillside at bondi near the beach. Lots of other people do the same thing, grab some food, sit on the hill, throw the ball around to the dog and so on. Looks to be a popular spot for couples a'courting as well.

But one last time before really getting back into real life with backed-up sinks, tiring commutes, and the amex to pay, I've posted our holiday photos to flickr for all to see. Here's one of my faves, with Ann and Laura, in Chicago on the last night: