Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Amigo Jim's, worth the wait

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It was sooooo long ago that I wrote about "Mexican Coming Soon." Happily it finally did come, I would wager to say it was maybe 8 or so months ago and in the form of Amigo Jim's, a small little shop with not much more but a kitchen, counter, communal table and seemingly one CD - Buena Vista Social Club as I've heard it on all three occasions I've been in there. It's essentially a take-away place. And it is somehow related to Jim's Pizza two doors down. Now, this should be cause for alarm, why should a pizza place open a Mexican place? Well, Jim obviously knows the answer because the enchiladas are incredible!

The pictorial proof isn't pretty, but I think it shows all that is going on. It's not overload, it's a full enchilada atop brown rice and smothered and covered in lettuce, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and hot chili. I go with the "Bandito" degree of hotness which is mid-level. It's fresh, flavorful and very filling.

Haydn and I stopped in tonight on the way home to pick up enchiladas, it's fall here now and completely dark out by 5:15pm, so starting dinner at 7 or so just sounds like hard work. Tis the time of year to put on Ugg boots, turn on an old episode of Law & Order, and settle in for the night.