Friday, January 26, 2007

enjoying the view

Skipped out of work yesterday a wee bit early and headed to the Big Day Out and enjoyed this primo spot to watch The Killers. Their songs are great stadium anthems, that's for sure and it got the kids a bit riled up. Hence, side stage is the place to be, esp when you have an in with the tour manager...

Going to see them again tonight in their own proper show at Hordern Pavillion.

Happy Australia Day!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

haydn's diner, coming soon

I think June and Ward Cleaver have moved into Bondi, with the arrival of our ebay-tastic kitchen table today, coinciding with our greatly-anticipated shipment of Fiestaware (it literally came on the slow boat to australia), plus the classic Johnston family line-up of cannisters. We're very circa 1957. Check it! So how did we celebrate? Why, with ordering Thai food and eating on our respective couches. June and Ward would frown upon this I'm sure.

This new, stylish kitchen seems perfect for Haydn's legendary breakfasts and flat whites, so I'm dubbying it Haydn's Diner on weekends. However, there are rumours circulating that Haydn's Diner might have a soft opening on Friday morning, Australia Day. But due to other work commitments, this means he will close the kitchen at 9:30am. So, it's the early bird special or nothing. I haven't confirmed if Moons Over My-Hammy will be on the menu. Stay tuned.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Nachos, take 1

So with a lovely summer evening before me and a work week behind me, I thought it a good time to try Beach Burrito Co. again. The place was pretty busy, but not annoyingly so for a Friday. I went for the design your own nachos and put on rice, cheese, green chili salsa, and roja salsa. Chips: salty, thick, fresh. Roja salsa: good quality. Green salsa: thick, and a real treat to have the green kind. Rice: orange, but not clumpy. Cheese: hmm....this is where things went awry. They didn't melt it. Nachos, cheese not melted. I was tempted to ask them to throw it into the microwave, but couldn't be bothered. And then I started to get jealous of the quesadillas of the girl at the table next to me.'s what I'm thinking: stick with the burritos, maybe even the tacos and then add on some green salsa.

I just don't get the non-melting of the cheese. It was a ton of food tho and it looked lovely and my tummy is full.

And here you go:

happy weekend,

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

back to back

The last two evenings were spag bol, and I must say it's pretty nice and easy to come home and take contents out of fridge and dump in pan. Heat. Stir. Serve. Kind of makes me understand those people who prepare dinners for a week on a Sunday. Kind of. Was even better night number two, tonight. Though last night was accompanied by the Golden Globes and a sourpuss Angelina and leathery Brad, a disheveled Renee Zellwegger, a misguided Sienna Miller. Helen Mirren was the babe of the night!

Leftovers in action!


Sunday, January 14, 2007

stocking up

It's been a pretty quiet weekend around here, in fact I did not leave Bondi nor did I get in a car or on a bus. So nice! We even went to the beach today with approx 20,000 other people.

But it's that time of year, almost time for another Big Day Out tour for Haydn. He's taking off on Tuesday to meet up with The Killers in Auckland, but first and foremost he had to make sure I was well-fed in his absence. So last night he made a massive quantity of bolognese sauce. We had some spag bol for dinner (thanks for bowls, dave!) and then I put the rest of the sauce into 3 tupperware containers for reserve. Here is the sauce in progress:

So I'm well looked after. And there are rumors that there could be a burrito fund left for me as well, so as to carry out further research at the new Beach Burrito Bar at North Bondi. Yes, folks, that's right there is a burrito place a mere 10 minute walk from the apartment. This is terribly exciting, but the burritos so far seem somewhat adequate, which is ok considering there are no other burrito places. I did quite enjoy a mole chicken burrito the other night, but I think the key to this place may be the build your nachos option. Further analysis to come...


Monday, January 01, 2007

We're all 2007

Well, I think everyone is pretty much in 2007 now, except for maybe Hawaii. But I'm at the end of Jan 1 2007 and it's back to the routine tomorrow and work and all that, so here are some pics from the last week or so. Haydn and I headed north to Queensland and got some major quality time in at Straddie. This was when Haydn still liked Straddie and we ate big meals at night and fell asleep at 9pm (well at least I did, it must be the sea air...).

We headed to Brisbane for Christmas day, which was not nearly as hot this year as last when I thought I might melt away before dessert. But dip in the pool and a new baby, Avah, at the fesitivities made it quite a lovely day.

Boxing Day it was back to Straddie with Haydn's family and pretty much most of Brisbane, but oddly enough it rained Tues, Weds, and Thurs. Cabin fever didn't get the best of us and we soldiered on through our daily routine, fearlessly never missing a 5pm happy hour on the veranda.

The sun did come out on Friday and it was beach and sun and SPF. I was sad to leave on Saturday, with the kids still at Straddie for a few more days, but alas it was back to the big smoke of Sydney for us. And Haydn had already fired off a letter to the editor of the Stradbroke Island News about lack of friendly service and lack of services, so it was time to get back to the land where things stay open past 3pm and you can buy a steak from the butcher because 1) he isn't the only one and 2) it's not under renovation. But I do love dear Straddie for all it's quirks, but mostly for the time with our fam. I'm glad to say we made it up to Dover Heights for a spectacular view of the city (but not very spectacular photos, sorry) of the fireworks. Biggest fireworks display in the world they say, and I believe it.

And now our photo recap...

Haydn on one of our overcast days

Newest niece, Avah. Her brother Jack took the picture.

Haydn, Ella and Jack dancing to the Blues Brothers Soundtrack

Jack & Ella, enjoying the sunshine and its icy treats

Jack & Tara

Happy New Year!