Sunday, March 18, 2007

The kitchen is now closed

There's been an abundance of home cooking this weekend, mostly because we were around, it was overcast and a bit rainy, and because we had good ideas, a bit of culinary inspiration.

Haydn, on his continuous mission to make me an unabashed egg-eater, got up early Saturday and headed to the Friendly Grocer and our neighborhood butcher for the goods. We had a cheese and veggie omelet with fresh salsa and bacon. Mmm, bacon. And the flat whites come from the kitchen too, with Haydn doubling up as chef and barista. And, yes I nearly ate it all.

Breakfast #1

Sunday morning was American-themed breakfast with pancakes, real maple syrup (thanks to Gregg!), and, hmm, maybe some more bacon. And flat whites. Weekends are for breakfast. Haydn made a tall stack of flap jacks, so we summoned Jimmy over to help out and we all sat around looking at the social pages of the newspaper. As it should be...

Breakfast #2

So tonight, I thought I should give my husband a break from slaving over a hot stove and I tried a little taste of home, or at least my most favorite soup from Der Rathskeller, Chicken Tortilla Soup. And I'd like to thank Joan Lunden for shaing her recipe, it's quite the popular one when Googling "chicken tortilla soup." Delicious, and definitely has some fire to it. Highly recommended.

And, scene: dinner

It's Grey's Anatomy time and then the weekend comes to a close.

Go Badgers!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Letter from Melbourne

...written from home at Bondi on Sunday evening.

We went down to Melbourne this weekend, me for leisurely Melbourne times and Haydn for tour managing. However, we did a mighty fine job of both clocking in some good leisure. For starters, it helps to stay at the Sofitel to put you at ease. Check. Two, it helps to be pretty much within walking distance of all that Italian food. Check. And some cafe time is crucial. Check. Check.

I did some wandering on Saturday and found the recommended Flinders Lane -- there are streets and there are lanes in Melb, and the streets have corresponding lanes. Hence, Flinders St and Flinders Lane. Haydn and I rendezvous'd off of Flinders Lane (a Lane of a Lane?) and I might have had a Chicken Parmigiana as big as my head. Here is Desgraves, lane of lane.

The only downside to Melbourne would be the rather alarming amount of pigeons who really aren't afraid of people, for instance landing on cafe tables, flying at your head, and hogging the sidewalks. Tradeoffs.

More Melbs:

Wilco in Melbs, soon: