Friday, October 14, 2005

The world is the world

Ahhhh, at last, I'm living up to the blogging hype that I was spreading before I left the U.S. and scribing my first post from Australia. It's a lovely Thursday afternoon and I'm at a....Starbucks on Oxford Street. And the clock is ticking. I'm using a wifi connection here that I have to pay for in blocks of 15 minutes. In life there are tradeoffs, right? And I find one of my major tradeoffs here is the ridiculously accessible wifi I enjoyed back in NYC (with the original Night Owl Lucy) in exchange for the blue, blue Pacific Ocean 5 minutes from my door. Is this a question of Man v. Nature and all that? Gosh, I hope not.

As I hit little potholes, I've learned one very important thing from Our Haydn, and that is "the world is the world." When I hit a minor meltdown over the price of nail polish remover (A$4.65 fyi), Haydn reminded me that I'm in a different place with different things and that I'm living in another country. Hence, it is the price of nail polish and all those little and big differences that make the world the world.

And it's a pretty nice little corner I'm inhabiting on Francis St in Bondi, with Haydn and the lovely Joeley Brown. Last night, I made Rachel Ray's Chicken Enchiladas (um, NOT a 30-minute meal, mind you, try 60!) and we all watched McLeod's Daughters. And, wow, the WE channel in the US is way behind on McLeod's. Ann -- I'm not even going to start with what's happened and I think Joeley has to catch me up quite a bit.

If the clock wasn't ticking I'd put up some links (like to the enchilada recipe, it was way good, just slightly deceiving in prep time), but that will all come in time. Haydn and I might be checking out a band tonight, The Further, I believe. So, here are to more posts and to the great Sam who set this blog up for me. I miss having lunch with Sam and soon I'll start posting thoughts and feelings on my culinary endeavors here. It is important to note, that the BLT at Barista off Campbell Parade was so delicious on this big toasted english muffin. Enjoyed with a flat white, and a view of the ocean just across the street. And, thus, we come full circle to our tradeoffs.

And a big ol happy birthday to the dear Greggums. Wish I was there, dude...have a blast!

Til next time,


Haydn said...

for the record, in reverse any country that you have to search and search to find vegimite can have all the wifi they want!

besides we still beat on drums to send each other messages, not to mention have the koala's chew the old nail polish off!

greggums said...

I just saw "Breaker Morant" (1980), starring the inimitable Aussie hero Bryan Brown ("Cocktail") and some other Aussies who ended up on "McLeod's Daughters," and I learned that not only do you all beat on drums, but you also take no prisoners, so I will leave the Aussie-criticizing to a minimum and say instead that you both were with us in spirit tonight as we feasted on that other Latin treat: tapas. They were nothing compared with Cart's 'iladas I'm sure, but it did give us a chance to raise a glass of 'gria in your honor. Cheers! Keep bloggin'!