Friday, October 28, 2005

Taking in the culture

Sort of a sleepy day here today, as last night was a bit of a late night. The You Am I show was pretty good, they reminded me a bit of The Replacements, as in very straightforward, powerful music. And you can tell people just love them, a very rapt audience, even with all that beer. Oh and the Australian Dancing with the Stars champ was in the house, talk about rubbing elbows! The show was at the Gaelic Club, a bit smaller version of the Bowery Ballroom perhaps and much more Irish.

So, today the House of Pi beckoned and, yes, that is me hoisting the big bowl of yumminess down at Bondi. Somewhere in there is a beef and mushroom pie, but really it is just a conduit for the mashed potatoes, mashed peas and gravy. So good. They should be selling those on 49th and 6th Ave to save everyone from the $10 tossed salad.

Tonight is another show. Ray LaMontagne is opening for Aussie uber-stars Ben Lee and Missy Higgins, at Centennial Park -- the big, major park of Sydney, like a Central Park. It's a lovely day again, should be a lovely evening as well.

I think my new assignment for the blog is to add in a little fashion commentary with pics of What are they wearing in Sydney? I have had my own wardrobe challnges as going from beach to indie rock concert can really leave a girl just staring at her closet. Thankfully, there is no Gap, Old Navy, or H & M, so even tho everyone in the US has the same clothes as me, perhaps here it is a big more novel. There's lots of Boho Chic going on and lots of vintage, however I think the main thing with trying the boho chic thang, is that one should strive to be more of a Sienna Miller than an Olsen Twin. It's a fine line. So, I'll try to take some pics without being too obvious. But, yes, big sunglasses from 1983 seem to be in all around the world.

Not sure what is on the docket for the weekend, I'm hoping for continued sunshine. Looks promising.



Lucy said...

It's 10:40 in the morning and I'm craving some beef, taters, and gravy! Holy cow that sounds good. I'm slightly leary of mashed peas, but what the heck, I'd try it. Carts, I am so proud of you and your blog. I love that the creepy Agent Orange dude posted. He was asking YOU for help, kudos girl, you are an international success.

This next bit is from the nurse in me, sorry, can't turn her off sometimes. A few peeps have already given warnings about sunscreen but I'd also like to add that I want you to get darker shades for those precious baby blues. Big specs ARE all the rage!

Anxiously awaiting your fashion pics, complete with Do's and Dont's, and how about a nice picture of you and our Haydn? Miss you heaps my little Chimichanga.

melissa said...

Looks delicious, TC! Like a beef and pea sundae or something. I'm home with a sinus infection, watching Once and Again on DVD, wishing I, too, was someplace warm & beachy.

I'm wondering, though -- how are you getting around town? Bus? Walking? Does Haydn have a car? How big is Sydney, anyway?