Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jack O'Lantern

Happy Halloween and here is my dear little pumpkin, all come to life. I didn't have any trick or treaters, but saw a scattering of them in the 'hood as I walked home from Bondi Road tonight.

I wish this picture included my little favorite neighbor dog, who I have decided to call Reggie. He's an old dog who just hangs out in his yard and is docile and reliable, and I think he was sniffing things out when I took this pic.

I'm making my little playlist for the upcoming nuptials, so if you're coming this is your chance to make a request. And if you're not coming, this is your time to make your long distance dedication! Just remember, I have veto power. And so does our friend Adam who is DJing/curating the evening's music.

Happy Halloween,

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Great Pumpkin

So, as I realized last year, Halloween is decidedly American. There are a few down here who get excited, some shop windows filled with fake cobwebs and whatnot. When I lamented that I miss Halloween, my Mom suggested that I just go out and find a pumpkin to carve so that I can have my own little observance. Good idea, Mom.

Haydn and I swung by the Fruitologist to check out the produce and while I thought I might have to carve a butternut squash, we spotted the Halloween Pumpkins and took the chosen one to the check out. Now, I think I found the Great Pumpkin that little Linus waited all through the night for...because this seemingly average pumpkin cost $18. Wow, that's some pumpkin! Can anyone share with me the going pumpkin rates in the U.S? Is this outlandish? Or am I just thinking in pumpkin rates of 1992?

Regardless, I'm so happy to have my pumpkin and will reserve next Monday for a carving session, then put it out on the balcony Tuesday night to let alert any random kids possibly trick-or-treating that there are fun size Snickers to be had at this residence.

Me and the pumpkin:


Monday, October 16, 2006

on the green, nearly

After Friday and Saturday's heatwave, a wind blew in Saturday night and gave us a cool, overcast, sort of questionable Sunday. But not questionable enough to rain on Langer's birthday party at the Bronte Bowls Club. Yes, Bowls as in lawn bowling, as in the civilized pasttime of cold midis (half size beers), framed pictures of Queen Elizabeth II in the clubhouse, manicured lawns (not very green, I imagine bc of the DROUGHT), and good ol' friendly competition. Except don't ask Geoff (pictured below) about friendly competition bc the closest my bowl got all day to the jack and it was smacked aside on the last bowl of the game by the ruthless Geoff (in action, below).

I wonder if that is how good ol' TK Shakespeare, who dedicated the club in the 1950s would have played? I imagine so.

So, we grilled out sausages, little kids ran through the green as an added level of difficulty, and fun was had by all on a Sunday afternoon.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New frontiers

It's late, I'm tired, my belly is full, but I thought it very important to report that we have joined the ranks of maybe a few thousand other people in Australia with our broadband hook up. We're a wireless family and when anyone comes to visit, feel free to logon to our network, the Johnstons, and I'll give you the password.

So, with the wifi in effect, we feasted on roasted chicken, potatoes and pumpkin tonight, thanks to Haydn's never-ending culinary talents.

Wow, this pic uploaded fast!

Good night,