Saturday, February 03, 2007

new look

hey y'all, as you can see it's been a blog-tastic day, and as I have recently hit my 100th post, I thought it might be a good time for a new coat of paint around here. Still working out a few kinks and not sure what the "565" thing is in the header, but it came with the template. There ya go.

The Big Winner, part 2

And, now for part deux of the post...I visited the Beach Burrito Company for a fourth time and found a real winner. After a mix of good enough (burritos) and disappointing (no-melt nachos) , I went back for the quesadillas. After a highly leisurely day and an afternoon swim, I found a menu in my beach bag and couldn't resist the lure of my dear friends chipotle, guacamole, and three cheeses.

After ordering, the guy at the counter said "Amy, right?" because they call out your name when an order is ready. I corrected him, but I think I might now be a regular, or else I have a Bondi doppleganger named Amy who likes Mexican food, too.

But the BBQ chipotle chicken quesadilla was sublime. The chicken had a great grilled taste, and the three cheeses did a fine job of melting. Plus, this is a lovely, filling meal because it includes chips, salsa (very fresh with coriander(AU)/cilantro(USA)), and guac. The chips, which I did give due credit to in my earlier post, are sooo good there - thick, crispy, salty, seemingly made on premises. Well done, and I quite enjoyed the dining music of The Smiths Best of.

Beach Burrito Company gets it right.

Pictorial proof:

The Big Winner, part 1

Darn Interweb. I just composed a sparkling, witty post detailing my birthday party Pub Trivia glory, only to have the new version of Blogger not save my draft even though I clicked "Save as Draft."

So, abridged version -- we came, we saw, we named the Golden Girls theme song. It was the big 3-0 and I thought I'd put to use my 30 years accumulated knowledge of tv, music, pop culture, sports, and some history and geography for good measure. My friends/revelers split into two teams, and after round 2, my team comprised of EMI colleagues (marketeers, no less) emerged triumphantly beating nearby clans of Lawyers and Accountants - this assumption based on crisp blue and white shirts and trendy eyewear. The jeans and tshirts record company peeps brought it. Who says it's a dying industry?

And to the victor, the spoils (cheap champagne, jugs of Carlton...)

Thanks to all for coming and for the happy birthday wishes from near and far.

Here are the pics:

The question was: How many (lawn) bowling clubs are there in the Sydney Area? Our answer below, was about 100 under the correct answer.

Foreground: Winner; background: looks like a sore loser

It's the winning pen!