Sunday, October 23, 2005

The (nearly) summer version

Saturday afternoon here, but moreso feels like an extension of morning. That sort of laziness contrasted with bursts of industriousness -- like coffee and newspaper and then inspiration to mop. It started sunny and blue skies here, but seems to be heading back to overcast and chilly.

Friday night took Haydn and I over to the Annandale to watch part II of New Zealand v. Aus in Rugby league. Australia won this time, despite my lofty declaration that they lacked the look of desire and determination. I say that, and they score like 4 unanswered touchdowns(?)/goals. However at the back of the Annandale is the awesome Wok n Roll, delicious Thai. You can create a dish or order something off the menu. I opted for the Pad See Ew with beef, so good. So filling. The Thai food here in Aus, is just...fresher, more flavorful. Haydn's refried rice had a nice little kick to it, too. Washed down with Cooper's Creek pale ale, which reminds me a bit of the goodness of a New Glarus Spotted Cow or Blue Moon.

After that we headed to the Metro to see a band called Decoder Ring. Really cool. Kind of arty, cinematic, rock/electronica what have you, with the science and nature filmstrips of our youth as backdrop to it all. At one point 4 members of the band were clamored around the Mac and the keyboards and it kind of looked like the IT department was having a meeting or that someone had been called from the Help Desk.

Today was a big, beautiful breakfast, created by Haydn. Bacon (of course), toast, mushrooms, avocado and a delightful little salsa alongside. I told Haydn, it was the best breakfast yet and he said it was his summer version. You can see the goodness for yourself...



ann said...

my grape-nuts have been shamed....

Anonymous said...

i like the les miserables mug to accompany such a breakfast! hehehe. wait, is that CHUNKY toast, or just the regular variety?

and..what? you are watching and enjoying the rugby? for reals?

it's rainy and LES MISERABLES tonight in nyc, so please look at the ocean & think of us!

love sam.

ps, have you gone swimming yet?

Dusty said...

um...that bacon looks like the best damn bacon i've ever seen. this is dangerous, cause I haven't eaten today, and i'm staring at what looks to be the best damn breakfast i've ever seen. okay, i gotta run to starbies and pick up a coffee and muffin, just to tide me over, thanks TC (and Hadyn) for making me HUNGRY!