Sunday, October 14, 2007

Creepy crawly

I just logged onto the Hallmark site to send my parents an anniversary ecard and was reminded it's nearly Halloween when I saw decorative jack o'lanterns and "creepy craft ideas." Last year I dedicated some blog space to my missing Halloween as it's a non-event in Australia. On the night of I did see a few stray trick-or-treaters but figure they were either ex-pats or very lolly (candy) saavy youngsters. Or maybe they're starting a trend?

If I were to dress up for Halloween this year, it would be very hard to resist going as Feist, which may sound a bit try-hard, but really I would love a night to dress up in the blue sequined pantsuit she wears in the ubiquitous "1234."

What other costume ideas are floating around out there?

In the meantime, things have gotten a bit creepy and downright annoying here with the massive influx of bogong moths that have descended upon Sydney. High winds sent them here from their usual residence of Canberra -- and alive or dead, they're ubiquitous in their own way...