Friday, October 21, 2005

Blinking lights, Rainy nights

Hey friends,

first of all, thanks so much for reading the blog and posting the comments. lurve it! so good to hear all your written voices. speaking of voices, Haydn picked up my cell phone today and i'm feeling quite international.

So, I'm in his office now and meant to post a couple of pics, but forgot the cord to upload from the camera. doh. I thought pics of rainy Sydney might be of interest to those of you who thought it never rained here (I was one of those people until recently). A quick post, anyway, as we're about to head out to Luna Park to see an Eels show tonight. I love the album Blinking Lights and Other Revelations -- tho I really only listen to disc 1 for some reason -- so should be interesting to see him live with Mr. Eels chomping that big ol' ever-present cigar.

Last night was bolognese night and Haydn pretty much took over and did his usual bang-up job of creating the sauce. I think I can fly solo next time, but there are a few steps to remember. It was all so good I had it again today for lunch, after a huge flat white and some time staring at the ocean. I also went to a great second-hand bookshop, Gertrude and Alice, in Bondi today. There is contemporary fiction, classic fiction, and Australian fiction. Hmm, not sure if that means Aussie fiction is better, worse or just needs a category of its own. Then I stopped at St. Vinny's and bought a lamp to put atop the new dresser.

Time to head out--


D. Pausch said...

But how is he with spag and meatballs? That's really the deal breaker TC. ; )

Anonymous said...

So jealous you got to see the Eels!! Saw Josh and the Frames on Sunday night--absolutely amazing show...they both keep getting better and better! Talk soon! LG

Anonymous said...

hmmm it would appear that i may have a challenge on some "balls" with the spag hey, got any recipes you can send me, Dave? Us aussies not so good on "balls"!
Eels were good, not great, just good, just lacked a little somewhere to go for my money, but great voice and a certain comfortable stage presence which allowed him some great banter.