Sunday, August 12, 2007

City 2 Sore

The day started bright and early with a few butterflies in the stomach and 65,000 other Sydney-siders lining up for the 37th running of the City 2 Surf, the southern hemisphere's largest fun-run. It's a 14k run from Hyde Park in the city to the finishing line at Bondi, which thankfully is like 2 blocks from our apartment.

I made it up heartbreak hill, I ran the whole thing, it was pretty hot out, and I improved my time by a bit with a finish just under 90 minutes. I think for the last 45 minutes my left knee pretty much hated me and the asphalt. But thankfully the likes of Kanye West's "Stronger" and Fall Out Boy's "This Ain't a Scene..." on my iShuffle helped me power through. Yes, the iShuffle is a saccharine playlist filled with hits to run up hills to, it is a thing unto itself.

I was joined at the start by my running buddy Kristy who finished in amazing time just over 80 minutes. We met up afterwards to come back for a world famous Haydn breakfast. Joeley and Jimmy joined in for what was pretty much a Greatest Hits of breakfast with spicy home fries, salsa, toast, scrambled eggs, flat whites and a celebratory glass of rose (I can't find the accent mark in blogspot settings so read it as rose-aye).

Kristy and Tara asking, "Why did we do this to ourselves again?"

"Oh right because we're crazy and we like endorphins."

Masterful Chef and Jimmy enjoying the 14k breakfast special

And pretty much after that it has been recovery time on the couch with the Sunday afternoon classic, Sleepless in Seattle. And perhaps some hot chips and a diet coke.