Saturday, April 18, 2009

Greyhound looking for a good home

At the Surry Hills Festival today, you had your petting zoo ($5 entry, no kidding), your choice of 'stop animal cruelty' booths, shetland pony rides, dudes with goats on leashes, and the friendly, docile retired greyhounds looking for a good home. I stopped and petted these guys for a while...if only I had a big yard with a fence.


Saturday, April 04, 2009

Nostalgia alert: Holly Hobbie

Holly Hobbie
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I was perusing the 'Misses shop' at Myer today and did a double take on this cute little top. As someone who had Holly Hobbie curtains, pajamas and a doll as a little girl, I was really excited to spot this. But then it struck me that Gen X nostalgia is very really and aimed at people like me. I didn't buy it basically because of that...and because I might be too old for calico and ruffles (at the same time at least).

That said, I kind of want to go back and buy it.

- tc