Wednesday, November 30, 2005

like a freelancer

Dear readers,

I'm a bit out of commission as of late, as I am working this week at Homebake, a great music festival on a big green lawn right in the center of the city. In a strangely reassuring way, it is good to know that people at record labels the world over ask for way too much at the last minute. And of course, commuting in a whole new town is pretty novel, too. Instead of the 1 train, it's the 380 bus for me now.

But check out the line-up of all Oz music (not sure if the Finn Bros -- from New Zealand originally-- count, I think they are adopted countrymen) and I will post lots of pics and stuff in the coming days. And with the espresso machine in catering, I'm hoping to be able to proudly say soon that I, too, can make a flat white.

There ya go.


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Fwoggy said...

Work it girl, work it. Congrats on the gig, can't wait to see pics and get the insider buzz on who to be watching out for. Do you brown bag? Do they cater food in? Cafeteria? Give us the lunch skinny!