Thursday, November 03, 2005

After the sun

So here I am, feeling very tired from the sun. Feeling like an underachieving, unemployed blogger today. No pics again, very bad. I actually took a couple, but have forgotten the cord for uploading and here I am at the Vandelay offices with access to high speed, and, alas, no cord for uploading.

But, first: The Mess Hall were outstanding. To me. I guess the band wasn't all that thrilled with their performance, but when I like a band, I kinda like them live no matter what. Those two dudes work hard up there and it is really very cool to see it live. But the headliners and Aussie "it" band Wolfmother, "not my thing" as we would say around the Nonesuch office once in awhile. Highly derivative to me, but the word is if you like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, you will like these dudes.

But this morning, it was sunny and blue skies and the beach beckoned. Water wasn't too bad, still haven't gone up past my thights, tho. I'm a wimp. Then I went and got a kebab -- which in the States are affectionatlely known as gyros -- and you get to pick your fixins on it which included garlic yogurt and chili sauce for me. Yum.

I ventured into the city after the beach, and stumbled onto Paddington Markets just as it closed, it looks like el cheapo central and fun stuff. I will be back, oh yes, I will.

Then stopped at a park as I tried to find my way back to Oxford Street for late-night shopping -- Thursday is when the stores stay open til 9. But at the park, a homeless man sat next to me on a bench and I just wasn't having it. I lost my shopping mojo.

I must, must say again, I love all the comments on the blog, they crack me up and make me miss y'all heaps. It means so much to have your readership as I find my way around this part of the Southern Hemisphere...



Carolyn said...

Reading about your food adventures down under makes me so hungry! The most adventurous thing to order in Indianapolis is the breaded tenderloin sandwich, the pride of Hoosiers and the stuff that local legends are made of.

Your blog also reminds me of the delicious soups we used to enjoy in Madison. Remember turkey and wild rice? Oh, how we would race down the hall of Grainger High to see what soup was on tap for the day, and we'd feel such joy after reading the menu and realizing our hopes had become a reality.

You've come a long way, baby!

greggums said...

I realize that if I add another comment about the food I'll just about keel over from the hunger it brings, so I'll just enjoy thoughts of garlic yogurt (or is it yoghourt down there?) and industrial high-school-caf soup (followed by an industrial-made brownie, perchance?). Oh jeez, there I went on about the food again!

What I meant to do instead was follow up on the music comments. Similar to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath is none other than Kenny "Footloose" Loggins, whose Greatest Hits I just this morning ran to Tower to buy in order to satiate this obsession I've had of hearing the Loggins/Stevie Nicks duet "Whenever I Call You 'Friend'" ad infinitum ever since Holly mentioned having Loggins on her 'pod about a week ago. Let me tell you, this song is GOOD. I guarantee that no one has ever danced so hard from their office chair at Carnegie Hall in the history of this building. I very much look forward to singing a karaoke duet with one of you special ladies out there sometime soon. Carts, I only wish I'd had this in time to include it on the big Seppo mix.

In related news, Nine Inch Nails is rocking the Garden tonight, but Mo says Trent has "sold out," so I'm going to a lecture at church about countering the religious right.

And then I'll listen to "Whenever I Call You 'Friend.'" Again.

ann said...

greggums I have to say I love your rocking to the Kenny/Stevie duet.

In my musical commentary, there were people camped out outside of Avalon last night for Hanson tickets. There isn't even assigned seating at Avalon. I loved these people for their ridiculous love of the home-schooled brothers.