Friday, November 18, 2005

Sweet chili sauce stops the nation

It's the great outdoors here, that's for sure, and I'm exhausted. I'm still without camera too, as it continues to be on hiatus in the glove compartment of the car. Must take pictures this weekend, because blogging is kind of boring without it, right? It was a really sunny, fresh air Friday. I started with yoga at Tamarama and then took a bit of an adventure to Coogee Beach. The trail that I run keeps going that far, probably farther, and I decided to head there today for a more mellow beach scene.

It is more than a walk and more like a hike, so upon my arrival there I went to Oporto for a chicken burger. It is is a chain around here, but pretty good if you ask me. The chicken burgers (filets), come with sweet chili sauce, which is an accompaniment here I am coming to love. Then I laid on the beach, but the walk back seemed a bit daunting so I bussed it to Bondi Junction and then walked home. I have that post-sun, sandy feeling.

In additional sweet chili sauce the soccer match the other night we got a huge order of seasoned potato wedges which came with a bowl of sour cream and sweet chili sauce for dipping. Talk about good living. And talk about a victory for the "Socceroos." Right down to the penalty kicks and all that. Australia will be back in the World Cup for the first time in over 30 years. Makes me think of those glory days with Madison soccer power, the Gremlins.

And it seems that the soccer match was a moment that stopped Australia. I was watching a special called 20 Moments that Stopped Australia last night, and they already inserted that moment in the top 10. Seems a bit ambitious perhaps, but I'll take it. I have actually been in Oz for one other country-stopping moment, this year's Melbourne Cup, when the horse won for the third time in a row. 10% of monumental moments in about 6 weeks, not too bad.



ann said...

how could i not give you a shout back on the Gremlins. We were pretty good...for girls. Robbie Vega, sheesh.

So this sweet chili it sweet or is it just not hot? I'm sure if i spent more time at the super 88 I'd know, but can you help a gal out?

Anthropological question(s) de jour: I am eager to learn what sort of made for tv holiday programming there is in Oz. Do they feature animatronics? Also without Thanksgiving or Halloween, even, when do stores start calling it the Holiday season? Or are they anti all holidays?

Lucy said...

Just got back from my long, lonesome, Saturday run along the WSH. Miss my running partner :( , did however spot the ever handsome Ed Burns pushing a little tyke in a stroller. It's a crisp, sunny day, low 40's I think, winter is looming...need a trip to the beach.

greggums said...

And as if to answer Lucy's request of a beach day, today seemed down right balmy compared to yesterday. Perfectly sunny and I'd say at least 55 degrees (F, natch; 13C to you, I believe [Tc = (5/9)*(Tf-32) or]).

Amelia and I went to see a staged reading of a musical by the one and only Paul Libman (of "Two Scoops" Raisin Bran jingle as well as siring of Matthew fame). It was inspired by and included readings of the poems of Carl Sandberg, all about how the midwest rocks. So of course, I thought of my midwestern lady friends. Libman's music was fantastic, but I'm putting in Sufjan Stevens "Illinoise" just to cover my bases. I'm sure Sandberg would've approved.

Also, there was a report on the "news" about how Iowa's football coach had the visiting team's locker painted pink (pink urinals and all) and there are various arms being upped in. I'm sure Trent wouldn't mind.

What's the update on the punkin sitch? Longtime reader wants to know, thanks.

greggums said...

oh my goodness. and more on the canned pumpkin (dead horse, beaten). it seems the confusion over the canning of this beloved squash goes both ways. an aussie in america ( meet chunkytoast!) was befuddled in reverse, wondering why the heck we have all these pumpkins over here and use nary a fresh one to make our delicious pumpkin foodstuffs. on her pumpkin page (, one of your fellow seppos down under suggested using a Qld Blue. I soon learned that this means Queensland Blue, which is in fact just a *type* of pumpkin, rather than a brand of the canned/tinned variety to replace Libby's. sorry. looks like Little House cook-and-blend is your best bet. but be sure to use a Qld Blue.