Thursday, November 10, 2005

Poor, dear Skippy

I don't really want to be a weather blogger, but it is very ominious here in Sydney today. I think there have been about a dozen weather changes since I woke up this morning. And that wasn't very early, mind you. It's gone from overcast and mild, to muggy and sunny, to rainy, to cloudy and windy and at 4:30 pm it's getting pretty dark.

But enough Weather Channel, because last night we went out for pub food and it was mightly delicious and hearty. As it should be. Haydn and I met up with our pals AJ and Lizzy at the Carlisle Hotel in Newtown. One of those old corner pubs that seems to keep going -- tiny pub room, pokey room, pool room, a dining room, garden, and then a couple other various rooms for eating and drinking and whatnot. I started with a blonde beer that is indigenous to that pub, as did everyone. Lizzy and I were not too pleased with the aftertaste ("rice beer" was an apt description) so we switched to Cooper's Pale Ale. (Note to Amanda, I've had the Sparkling Ale too and it was crisp and outstanding).

Then we grabbed a table in the dining room and went up to the counter to order. The menu pretty much consists of pastas and steaks. The others all ordered rump steak with chips (fries) and salad. I was thinking pasta with prawns (shrimp), but for the sake of being in Australia, for the sake of the blog, and because I was in the mood for mashed potatoes, I opted for the Kangaroo Sausages and Mash. Oh yes, I did. Sorry, Skippy.I was a bit hesitant because I thought I might be eating a national symbol of the country, or that maybe they are endangered or something. But, Lizzy reassured me they are like the rabbits of Australia. There ya go. And when it was served, the sausages were so hot off the frying pan that I burned my tongue. But it was delicious and comforting and just what I wanted. I think for the sake of all readers, I will restrain from going into culinary descriptions about the sausage. Just know that it was good and pretty much tasted like sausage. The steak was well-received, too, and I think it was clean plates all around.

Today, I went for a run along the Bondi to Bronte path and dodged many an elderly person in sensible walking shoes and visors as they walked along to check out the Sculptures by the Sea. Then I ventured into Surry Hills to Haydn's office and got a somewhat disappointing chicken kebab. I think I would have liked it if it would have been sans chicken.

And that about wraps it up, as the clouds roll in...



greggums said...

Skippy! Oh, Skippy.

samandmelissa said...

ta-ra, it's sam & meliss. we want to give you some BREAKING NEWS about the kitchen. there is a new flavor of coffee! it's called Hazelnut Cream.

and you know how to say haaaaaaaazel-nut w/ the right accent, right???

cute pix. you look tan & happy. thanks for taking one for the team & eating some 'roo!

chunky toast said...

i'm loving the sound of Haaaazelnut Cream, I miss my froofy flavors of coffee and the $1.47 plain old iced coffee. Don't get me wrong, flat whites are good living, but there is something to be said for iced coffee from a cart or from the nice girls ("Declined!") down at Au Croissant.

Dusty said...

i don't know why, but I never took you for a roo-eater. I know you like your meat as much as any good Wiconsonian does, but roo! If you go down this path, you can't tread lightly, next you gotta try gator, then shark, and eventually, snake. it's been decided, you're going to be the crazy food try-er person. let me know how that gator is, ok?