Monday, November 28, 2005

Lingering a bit

In the wake of Thanksgiving, not much blogging or movement really occured. The highlight of Saturday was sunshine and finishing off the Thanksgiving dishes that lingered, and perhaps a bacon, avocado and BBQ sauce sandwich from Three Steps. Simple, easy.

Sunday, my goodness, was pure Seattle. I think it might have been the most rain and wind since my arrival. But this gave good reason to sleep til noon, read all the newspapers and laze about. And it was the return of good Sunday TV + takeout -- one of my favorite things dating back to NYC and Marie, Gregg, Lucy, Six Feet Under, and Kobma Thai. Last night was a made-for-tv movie of Kath & Kim, a Christmas special "Da Kath & Kim Code." Suburban Australian comedy at its best, it is sometimes on Trio in the US, and like The Office it takes an episode or two to get used to the accents. And there will always be slang that goes right over your head. But it went great with Thai food from up the hill -- red curry, basil chili with cashews. And for dessert...Marquee ice cream bars. My dad recently recently posed a very serious question: "How is the ice cream down there?" And, I can say it is outstanding, especially these ice cream bars. As popular and widespread as Good Humor, but a bit more up-market. I had an ice cream bar "Ego Caramel" -- vanilla coated in chocolate, then a caramel coating, and another chocolate coating. For good measure.

And with the start of the week...more rain, but in true Sydney fashion, things can change fast, and the afternoon ended up sunny and pleasant. Or as they say in the weather reports here "fine." As I write I have a big pot of vegetarian chili stewing away, and I'm hoping it reduces a bit. I thought for the sake of photos and a little public service announcement, I'd show y'all the green re-useable bags here that everyone uses for grocery shopping. These bags are good for the beach, too. Oh and the green pepper in the picture is actually referred to as capsicum here and I have no idea of the origin of that one.

Also included a picture of a street I walked down that was littered with shopping carts. Do we think those people who leave carts outside use green bags for their groceries? Things to ponder when wandering around the streets of Bondi.

so long,


ann said...

Capsicum seems to be the genus including bell and hot peppers. aussies are very proper, it would seem, but not very specific.

I also found a lovely site on aussie slang:

This might help those of us watching stateside Kath and Kim.

Etymologically yours,

Lucy said...

Hola Carts,
I'm still sick, so I was very excited to see a new post, as I've had plenty of reading and surfing time the past 24 hours and need more entertainment. I haven't had much of an appetite, but now I'm strangely craving ice cream and chili and it's only 7:47 am here.
Love you,