Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ye olde Sydney towne

It's a quiet saturday morning and I'm listening to the great mix that Greggums made for me before I left, "Ye Olde Seppoe Mixe." In Australia, a sort of non-affectionate term for Americans is Seppo, short for septic tank, as Americans are full of...

Oh but we're all getting on great in Oz, with the English and Irish in our circle of friends, too. And it was a great showing at the second night of The Mess Hall and Wolfmother at the Metro. Nothing like a sold-out rock show on a rainy Friday, and The Mess Hall were on fire. You can see for yourself in the pic with their totally DIY banner -- sort of an answer to the white sheets covering Wolfmother's rather elaborate galactic backdrop.

Yesterday I took a big exploration to Centennial Park, I ran over there a backway and then ran thru the park. Really pretty with little ponds, lots of swans and birds, manicured gardens, grassy knolls, big hills, white fences. And it's nice because you're running in the park and then can see bits of the Sydney skyline. Kind of like another great park I know back in NY. And I find I really like running on grass and thru terrain, rather than asphalt. Nothing like big open green expanses.

Then I thought I'd make it a loop thru the rather posh suburb, Woolahara, it was a lengthy detour. Very lengthy, but eventually brought me home and it was a bit chilly and rainy and I figured since we have a wedding today, I better try out one of the nail shops in Bondi. Mani/pedi for AU$40, which is a little over US$30, can someone remind me the going price for the nail combo in NYC? Very nice, chatty nail shop with lots of gossips mags -- as Haydn said that is part of the requirements of registering a nail shop.

After that it was off to the office for some beers before the show. After The Mess Hall, I had to run out to Hungry Jack's. Had to. It is Burger King, but with a different name down here and it was just what the doctor ordered.

And now, I think it is time to summon the chef to make breakfast!

your pal,


sam said...

can you explain what the burger king place is like, and what you ate? thanks.

greggums said...

Look how happy these scary little Aussie ankle biters are to be running free in Centennial Park: Thankfully, the good people at Hungry Jack's are also doing their part to keep Australia clean and parkland pretty for the biters, lest that blessed land succumb to the evil ways of septic societies:

melissa said...

A mani/pedi at that place you and I went to before Labor Day is about $30 or $35 -- $25 if you go on Monday or Tuesday. (The "good place," where Mel is a regular customer, runs closer to $40 or $45.) Good to know the price is comparable there! A girl should never have to live in a city without affordable nail salons. And I agree with Haydn; they MUST have good gossip mags!

That sounds like one heck of a long run you had! How warm is it there now? And is it humid or "dry heat"?

melissa said...

p.s. after looking at hungry jacks' web site, i understand that it literally IS burger king -- whoppers and all. and now i feel i also must have a burger. also, that park looks beautiful. thanks for the links, gregg.