Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The word on the street

Wow, so I leave the land of Orange terror alerts and look what happens!? Terrorist plans afoot right here in the Sydney suburbs. HOLY WAR ON AUSTRALIA reads the frontpage of my beachy tabloid The Daily Telegraph. Zoiks.

But we're all well and good.

So I thought of my vegetarian friends last night at dinner, especially those who are wont to create Greggums. Joeley threw a bunch of stuff in a stew pot and it was great -- pumpkin, broccoli, carrots, onion, a can of crushed tomatoes and some vegetable stock. Put some tobasco in for good measure and serve over brown rice. So good. It was downright autumnal and was a great antidote to the blustery winds outside.

But it was a new day this morning. Sun, blue skies, just how it is suppose to be here, right? I ventured to the beach, but decided I wanted some Doritos to go with my flat white. I stopped for the paper and took a peruse in the chip aisle and found something somewhat questionable. Doritos Tapas. Um? Well, I suppose for the sake of the blog, I should have tried them, but I wanted old-fashioned Dorites. I'll give it the old college try at some point, but not just yet. I opted for Nacho Cheese flavor -- however it is not like the nacho cheese in the US. There are Doritos in red bags here, Cheese Supreme. I have a feeling they are orange like standard issue Doritos stateside. The Dorites I got harkened back to a time when I believe there were Taco flavored (not to be confused with the Taco Bell flavor, tho). Anyway, please chime in if you recall this. In the meantime, tapas?

The beach, though, was lovely. Funny how a person can just lay there and time passes. I got into the water a couple of times, it splashed me, it was very cold, but nice.

Then I sent a letter to my Grandma, she's not hip to the blog just yet. I hope she receives the letter before Thanksgiving. When I was here in February, I sent a postcard and she got it after July 4th.

Off to meet Haydn and then we're going to dinner in Newtown with friends. Full report tomorrow!



melissa said...

I totally remember taco flavored Doritos! I liked them, I think. In fact, I am sad to know they're no longer around.

Nice pix of the tapas flavored ones. I think you have to try them and report back. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

there was a generic taco flavor, I also remember a long time ago there was a sour cream n onion doritos in the mandatory green/white bag, back when there was a clear window in the front of the bag, to inspect your fried corn product
- big brother

greggums said...

Poppy seed?? Black cumin seed?? Oh my what have you gotten yourself into? It's a wonder those terrrrists found it hospitable enough their to stake their claim. Now if you'd said Cool Ranch ...

But let's start this HOLY WAR ON hunger, please. That hearty autumnal stew/cornucopia sounds stick-to-your-ribs tasty! I can't cook anything w/o Tabasco any more. (You hear that Tabasco SPAMer; send some this way!) I tried some artichoke, sundried tomato, roasted red pepper, beans, and tomato sauce gnocchi recipe out of Vegetarian Times last night, but I made the mistake of buying the red peppers soaking in balsamic vinegar, so it was way too acidic. Tonight I added a good cupful of Newman's Own Sockarooni and a generous tap or two of Tabasco to get me through the leftovers.

Looks like I'll have to throw in my hat to Joeley this round and say, Good on ya.