Tuesday, November 15, 2005

In search of canned goodness

Very, very remiss of me to write nary a word in three days. I think it partly has to do with the whole good weather culture around here. When it is nice out, you just want to go outside, lay on the beach, wander around, and not be bothered with a dial-up connection.

So, here I am at the good ol' State Library of New South Wales. I haven't started to recognize any other regulars yet, but in due time...all libraries have them.

It was a great weekend tho, complete with massive Haydn breakfasts both days. Saturday my usual request of bacon and more bacon please, with salsa and avocado. On Sunday I even contributed with my yogurt, banana and granola (muesli here in Oz) and Haydn followed up with beans and toast and more salsa. This beans and toast thing while very of the Commonwealth, very much appeals to my Midwestern taste for the simple and hearty.

There was a cookout on Saturday night and I actually ate sushi and went back for more sushi. Very odd for me. When we got to the house for the BBQ, Haydn and I were standing on the front step waiting for someone to answer and we could hear A Ghost is Born playing inside. And, here I was on this doorstep on the other side of the world and there was Spiders (Kidsmoke) playing and, well, moment of pause for how we end up places in life and all that.

More good weather Sunday and more Bondi markets and laying on the beach and eating spaghetti bolognese for dinner with some really good store-bought garlic bread that you toast in the oven. Monday was more sunshine and a bit more beachtime. So with today and its grey skies and winds that would blow me over if not for having my computer in my shoulder bag weighing me down, I find myself in the friendly confines of the Library.

Prior to getting here, I was on a mission for canned pumpkin. We're having a Thanksgiving dinner next Thursday, but for all their love of the pumpkin as a side dish, the Aussies have not developed a taste for pumpkin pie. Hence, no canned pumpkin to be found. I did find a little American foods section at David Jones Food Market (complete with Bisquick, Aunt Jemima maple syrup, Welch's grape jelly, French's Mustard), but alas they are out of their supply of canned pumpkin. The other Seppos have beat me to the punch! After that letdown, I decided I should eat some Subway, Veggie Delight with Chipotle sauce no less.

And with that, can someone please Fed Ex some canned pumpkin? Thanks.



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melissa said...

Dudes! She wants PUMPKIN, not asphalt!

Carteris, we can get you a can or two of pumpkin by next week, perhaps with a little package of CDs. Just email your address to Sam and me. Anything else you need?

You will be like a pilgrim, offering American fall yumminess to the new world.

Is Seppo slang for American? And does that word have a derogitory connotation?

ann said...

fucking georgia highway construction...seriously makes me concerned about the state's infrastructure.

I think you will find if you look at the food forum on sydney.craigslist LauraIngalls has posted looking for canned pumpkin....

melissa said...

My more practical friend Sam has just pointed out that it would be probitively expensive for us to turn you into a pilgrim, so I'm afraid I must retract my offer. But maybe you can find a similar kind of fresh squash? It doesn't have to be canned; I bet the Internets has some suggestions of pumpkin substitutes. Good luck!

chunky toast said...

Haydn has heard of an "American store" nearby so we are going to scope it for canned pumpkin, or I'm going to get totally Little House on y'alls and use the blender for doing it old timey. And, yes, Americans are Seppos, short for septic tank, because we are full of...mularkey. Yep, mularkey.

Anonymous said...

Is mularky the same as "shit" ??????

chunky toast said...

yes, in this case that is what mularkey is.