Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Festival foray

At last, I have a bit of gumption, a little time, and a high-speed connection, which means I can post pictures from Homebake and my mini-foray back into the working world and music. I was working for the promoter of Homebake, an all-Australian one-day festival in the middle of Sydney that draws about 25,000 people. I've done some guest lists in my time, but this was pretty massive and I became well-acquainted with the labelmaker and laminator in order to make all those All-Access passes. Haydn, esteemed production coordinator of the festival, captured my industriousness for y'alls.

And for those of you requesting some Aussie fashion pictorials, I tried to capture a couple of pics of rock n roll fashionistas. It was a day of skinny jeans, Olsen twin-sized sunglasses, and girls in bikini tops perched atop shoulders in the crowd.

Some musical highlights for me were The Mess Hall, Ben Lee and his rainbow-and-butterlies positivity, The Dirty Three, and most of all the Finn Brothers. Pretty cool to hear all those people singing the chorus to Don't Dream It's Over and Four Seasons in One Day, very anthemic. And...a pretty good Aussie celeb spotting backstage at the Finns -- Toni Collette, who looks younger and prettier than most of the roles she plays. I also made sure to have my own little photo op with a Finn -- not the more familiar Neil, but the just as well-coiffed Tim.

All in all a very good learning and cultural experience (Aussie hip-hop?!). And lots of good catering too, as that is the kind of thing that helps power me through the day -- spaghetti and meatballs, fish n chips, stir fry. Thank goodness for that.

Nice to be back in the blogosphere...

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greggums said...

Good to have chunkytoast back, and it was worth the wait for that pic of the handsome, distinguished gentleman. Oh, plus the one of Tim Finn. Still, nothing says the height of fashion like an outdoor festival and denim. Blog on.