Monday, May 01, 2006

Making the rounds

I have a few days left in the US, I'm heading back to Australia with fancy new Australian visa in my passport, so I've been filling the social calendar in the last couple of days. On Friday, I met up with Kathie, Julie and her little 2-year old, Devon. We had lunch at Bluephies -- I carbo loaded for the Crazylegs race -- and then went to the park next door. It's really pretty enlightening to see how a cute little green sweat suit on a little one can be ready for the laundry after a few hours of ranch dressing, M & Ms, the sandbox, the slide, and the sidewalks in general. She's a fun one, young Devon.

Devon and Jules:

Devon enjoying the double swing push:

Me and Devon, playing with the barkchips.

Saturday was the annual running of the Crazylegs race, along with about 15,000 other people. By the time Uz and Chris and I crossed the start line, the winner had already crossed the finish at the 50 yard line at Camp Randall Stadium. It was a great 5-mile/8k run through campus and lots of zig zagging around the runners. I'd like to thank my iShuffle for playing "Gold Digger" at the very crucial 4 mile mark, giving me the boost to finish strong. And in true Crazylegs fashion, we celebrated with our 2 complimentary beers. Or if you're Uz, you enjoyed your 3rd complimentary beer as well. Bud Lite is the new Gatorade.

Chris, Uz and Tara, upon completion:

Jenny and Kathie, fatigued (in jest!) after the 2-mile walk:

Uz and Kat forevs:

Me, imbibing post-race, as you do;

The evening held the goodness of margaritas and Mexican food with family and friends at a little pre-departure fete at Pedro's. My college roommate, Amanda, made the trek from Illinois for the occassion and a photo from our U. of Iowa era reminded us of our strange, oversized fashion choices of the '90s.

Group photo:

Amanda and Tara, in current fashion:

Tomorrow, the official packing for return to Oz commences...



Anonymous said...

How about a pix of your fancy Aussie visa?

greggums said...

Sad to see the last US post, but I'll be happy to read about your further adventures in Aussieland, with the all-important visa in tow. Hope that helped move things along at the customs check (or is it cheque again?) on the other side of the equator. Safe travels!

sam said...

gold digger came on my ipod tonight during subway ride home and i thought of you!

shinyruby said...

hello beautiful! sounds like you need to do the rounds here in oz now! I can't wait to see you and give you a big welcome home hug!!!!

party time for the gals xxx

thom healy said...

i can't believe you came back to the Motha'Land and din't stop by WEA/NY? i crushed (under a pile of work you used to do FOR me!).
miss you!