Monday, May 29, 2006

Early to bed and all that

Temp girl here, weary from a day of more data entry. And more data entry. Not entirely rewarding is the world of a data entry queen. I know my stateside counterpart Ann can second that emotion. More rewarding are my girls, as in "the girls" as we were often referred to at Big Day Out, Emilie and Stella.

Emilie and Dan hosted a Sunday evening soiree of wine from her dad's winery, Idol Hands and hors d'oeuvres extraordinaire. I had not seen Stella, aka blogger Shiny Ruby, since my return, so it was one of those nights of high pitched laughter and big ideas, while the guys kept themselves entertained.

We needed a little Red Eye Reduction in this pic (and this morning at work), but otherwise it was a pretty glorious reunion!

Oh and a modest feather in my own Sunday morning assignment was breakfast, so I trudged to the store with green grocery totes in tow and decided to do BLTs with Aussie flair -- on big Turkish Rolls with a chili mayonnaise I concocted. I do love the chilis.

And now...past my bedtime and it's not even 11pm!



shinyruby said...

how good was it to see my lovely chunkytoast back in oz! these catch up's must be more regular tho! how i miss you gals!


ann said...

Data entry takes it out of a girl. Phew, commute and what have you. But gawd, sure beats thinking about the future.

greggums said...

Ann (and T), as a recent attendee at my 10-year college reunion, I was reminded of (and made members of the graduating class aware of, ever chance I got) the prophetic words of Ione Skye in "Say Anything":

"I have glimpsed our future, and all I can say is, go back."

Data process on, my good friends.