Monday, May 22, 2006

School night

Monday evening, wind blowing, flashes of lighting, a storm brewing...and I'm wiped out from my foray back into the commuter working life of a data entry temp. I'm out there in the trenches, bravely updating client databases for a media sales company for a few days. My train ride to North Sydney includes crossing along the Harbour Bridge, not bad. And sorta reassuring to get the free daily train newspaper complete with snatches of celeb gossip, like my AM NY from the 1/9 train, except this daily comes at the end of the day.

But I digress...I'm tired and just want to put up a few pics from the weekend.

Friday night Haydn and I headed to a seafood/fish place, Doyle's, with some friends. It was pretty quiet for a Friday night at a fish place, but kinda fun to have it to ourselves and some elderly diners, and a great view across the harbour to see the lights of the city. Plus check out that tuna steak and mashed potates. I totally ordered it for the mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum.

Sunday oftentimes means dinner at Michelle and Jimmy's...but Michelle threw us for a curve and hosted a girls only BBQ -- ok there were a couple of male stragglers, but really it was about the ladies. And it was all about Michelle "maning" the grill. An array of meatstuffs, including skewers, sausages, burgers. Right on. Looks like KC Masterpiece himself, Haydn, might be out of job on Sundays! I'm thinking there should be a grilling showdown in the near future...

Ok, time for Cold Case and a night on the couch before tomorrow and my new anthem "My baby takes the morning train."



D. Pausch said...

or even..."It's Just Another Manic Monday"

Anonymous said...

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Level One Shitlist said...

Bring on a BBQ off, anytime anywhere, the king is not worried in the slightest!