Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Back way o'er yonder

I made it back to Sydney last week, and there's not a whole lot to report except that the weather is pretty near perfect, avocadoes are forever in season, flat whites are as good as always, and Haydn got a great new haircut! I thought to myself "Who is that dashing young man?" when I spotted him at the airport.

So, now I have to figure what to do with my life and make some money and stuff. Trying to make sense of why every single job seems to go through recruitment agencies. I applied for a short-term job to do some copywriting and the reply email was titled Application Unsuccessful. I didn't meet the criteria. So I will keep my writing to the blogosphere for now.

Haydn and I were at the Annandale on Sunday for the engagement party of our friends Bob and Anna. Bob proposed at the Grand Canyon, little did I know when he asked me for advice on points of interest was he going to be popping the question. Good on ya, man!

And the feature at the party was a pig roast. As in a pig on the spit. I took a photo for the sake of the blog, but have to say that when I took another look at it, I thought it might even offend some of my more carnivorous friends. So instead, here is a pic of me and Haydn from the very same day...after enjoying the roast pork.


p.s. to sam -- I think my new hit single is Crazy by Gnarles Barkley. Going to have put that on the ipod.


D. Pausch said...

Post the pig!! And tell H to quit's ruining his new haircut. ; )

greggums said...

"Kill the pig,
Cut her throat,
Spill her blood"

I agree with D. Pausch, although I'd prefer to see the haircut more than the pig.

(That being said, I may need to give up the vegetarianism for the two weeks I'm down there, which, in any case, suits an American-in-Oz Thanksgiving celebration just fine.)

melissa said...

We love Crazy, too! In fact, David called it f-ing awesome when he introduced me to it. Perhaps the song of the summer?

chunky toast said...

lemme know if you hear the rest of the album and how it is. it was called the most wonderful album of the year thus far in my Sydney Morning Herald weekend arts section!