Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ya take the good, ya take the bad

Well, well, well, my wonderful sunny climes have led me astray in thinking that one cannot fall ill or get a cold here. Wrong. But, after a weekend of major sore throat and congestion and some thoughtful caretaking from my man, I'm back in the swing of things. Hit yoga today so that Icould breath again and am kicking it at my favorite hangout, the venerable State Library of New South Wales.

But don't you fret, this blasted head cold could not keep me away from a BBQ at Jimmy and Michelle's on Sunday. Granted, I faded fast, but the chicken wings from the grill were worth it. Oh goodness they were. And Michelle even whipped up some cupcakes in honor of my return.

Here the gang is, about to dig in. They're like "Take the picture already, we wanna eat, sister."

And, I snapped this pic today after yoga. Very good class, very funny moment when a dog all of a sudden ran in from the path outside and did a big circle thru the room and then was gone as fast as he appeared.

The Bondi to Bronte walk, featured above, is really one of my all time favorite things in life. So, maybe if you're on the fence about coming down here in November, or just need a gentle nudge, remember: this is how we live here!


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