Monday, June 05, 2006

The breakfast campaign

Haydn's tireless efforts to get me to eat eggs for breakfast and like them, really came to fruition yesterday. I just don't really like eggs, mostly because of the consistency. I like them as a conduit to other things, like a breakfast burrito, home fries, stuff in omelets, but they just kinda gross me out in general.

And Mr. Indefatigable sets out most weekends to win me over to the egg side. Yesterday's breakfast was highly commendable and disgused eggs like never before. My breakfast suggestion was "spicy." I set off for a run, Haydn to the grocery store and I came back to a major scramble up going on -- sans eggs, which he forgot to buy. So I volunteered to participate in this full-on effort and went and got some organic eggs. And from the kitchen emerged a vaguely Spanish-inspired breakfast of sorts: eggs, bacon, new potatoes, tobasco, oregano, and, of course melted cheese on top. Because when you're from Wisconsin, you feel the need to melt cheese on top.

And ta da! Clean plate club just a few minutes following this pic:

But out adventures continued thru the day, including a trip to Bondi Junction mega mall (the Jungga) for Haydn to buy a big ol' pasta pot with built in strainer and steamer and all that jazz. This was in part so he could make a big spaghetti bolognese dinner for Jimmy and wasn't BBQ weather really yesterday, so time to have them over to Francis Street for some comfort food. And Joeley and Jimmy look pretty comfortable after...the other pics didn't really come out due to lighting problems and post-pasta laziness.

And lucky us, there looks to be enough sauce to keep the dinner party going's so dreary, rainy, wet, cold, that spag bol is just what the doctor ordered.



greggums said...

Yay eggs! Nicely scrambled, H. I like how the potatoes and whatnot all go *inside* the eggs, so that for TC to snuff the eggs would be for TC to snuff the goings-on inside the eggs as well. Never say no to new potates and cheese! And then, never say no to eggs again.

shinyruby said...

yum yum yum.

that puts my eggs on toast for dinner last night to complete and utter shame :(