Thursday, April 06, 2006

Snow falls in April

I must say, I'm feeling more like a beach-y girl at heart lately. I did love the big, clumpy snowflakes that inexplicably fell this afternoon making an NYC snow globe, but I miss flip flops and cotton dresses to wear over your swimsuit.

However, I'm loving the energy of being here...I'm not tired yet, and in fact am writing this after midnight in my old kitchen on Bedford Street. Love this old kitchen, and for those who have visited me here...good news, Lucy and Shannon simply tucked away the odd collection of knick-knacks that populated every nook and cranny. This place has its own little history, for sure.

So, I've been hanging with the old crew -- Gregg, Lucy, Shannon, and Lauren. I've been wandering around the city and cut through Central Park and the sun was shining, the snow was an old story by then. I went to Doma for tea and the scene and like always everyone is bumping into your chair bc it's so crowded and the music is always good. It's such a "Felicity"-esque place. Why wasn't Scott Speedman there reading scripts?

Central Park, in spring:

This is across from my former apartment building at Bedford & Commerce:

There has been Mexican food in SoHo, a great salad bar at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital (the fine institution Lucy works at), and a pasta dinner here at the apartment. Gregg and Lucy, steadfast Unitarians, were very thankful for their meal. Lauren and I were too, really we were.

See some of you tomorrow!


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Amy G. said...

Welcome back to NYC. You are greatly missed. Love reading this blog, especially about your meals. You look very happy and stress free. You lucky dingo!