Sunday, April 09, 2006

All over the map

After doing a bit of battle in the rain and wind today, I'm a bit weary. All in the name of hanging out with my pal Dave. Wind, rain, sleet -- we're like the postal service, weather can't bring us down. But I have some pics to document things that have been going on, so here we go...

Thursday night was the Martha Wainwright and Neko Case concert, wonderful voices, a crowded hot Webster Hall, and lots of dudes. The night kept going when Sam and Gregg and I headed to Midtown to meet up with Melissa and co. at McGee's Pub where the music was good until the reggaeton just got outta control and the dj did not take kindly to requests of turning it down.

Here we are, surely enjoying my Kanye West "Gold Digger" request:

Tara and Sam, doing our best to be photogenic:

I visited the Nonesuch offices Friday afternoon to have Sam make me a coffee with the new frother, her little coffee tool that whips up the milk to a light, delicate froth. Until it is microwaved and then it gets a bit tougher. But, it definitely kicks up the k-cup coffee experience to another level. Sam is the barista of the 24th floor.

Josh, Sam, Eli hard at work with the multiple cd burner. I think Eli actually was burning CDs and not just posing!

Tara and Mel, taking a pause from

The evening was spent at Half King in the company of friends and family. Cousin Abe, Lori, Lauren, Lucy, Gregg, Barker, and Tahra. Tahra and I can share tales of woe of our names' (mis)pronounciation. Her name is the more Aussie/Euro pronounciation, mine is American. Tahra, Tara. Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe. Others shared woes about working for crazy people. But onion rings with a chipotle mayonaisse make all those things rather insignificant.

And nearly all of us ate fish n chips!

Gregg & Barker:

Group pic:

Cousin Tara & Cousin Abe:

time to head back out in the elements...


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Chunky T, where you at? Millions of readers are anxiously awaiting your next meal!

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