Saturday, April 15, 2006

Let's ride bikes

Springtime in Madison means a few things: windows down in the car, claritin allergy medicine, and bringing the bike up from the basement and pumping up the tires for a ride. That's what I did a couple of days ago when it was in the low 70s and pretty near perfect out. I hit the Captial City bike trail, a rails-to-trails path and one of my favorite things in all of Madison, and cruised down to Victor Allen's on Monroe for coffee and a soup. The African peanut stew was more like a boring Tortilla soup but the coffee was outstanding. They aren't brewing iced coffee just yet, so the barista made me an iced americano instead. Good idea!

I continued on my ride and here are some pics from Vilas Park.

We've got Lake Wingra:

Wingra Lagoon, when frozen has been a training place for many an Olympic Skater:

And a polar bear at Vilas Zoo, enjoying the day:

Twas a lovely day. Today is another sunny wonder of a day, so I think it's time to get off the computer.


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