Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Homecoming, in the truest sense

Stars aligned and brought home to Madison some of the best and brighest of friends, namely Rosa, Lucy, and Laura. And most wonderfully of all, Rosa's brother, Carlos, a Marine who just spent 6 months in Iraq. Now that is a homecoming.

So it was basically a matter of time before we all wound up at a bar together on State Street. One of my favorite haunts, Paul's Club, the bar with the tree in it and a great jukebox, was obnoxiously full. Shouldn't college kids go home for Easter or something? But Rosa came and corraled us all and we ended up at Frida with its dancing and "canopy of lasers" as Uz described it. The dancing bug hit some more than others, check out Lucy's smooth moves on the dancefloor.

Laura, Uz, Lucy, Kathie foreground; Wisconsin state capitol background.

There may very well have been one more drink on the way home with Laura that night, but sadly no pics to document as it's not the kind of place to whip out the digital camera. We went for the purely sublime kitsch and comfort of Le Tigre Lounge, which seriously has to be the wierdest and coolest bar in any strip mall in America! It's all tigers and very circa 1962, at least that was the last time the jukebox was updated. I think you push buttons on it to select songs.

Saturday was back on the bike, this time with an excellent riding partner in Kathie and we cruised through the Arboretum and then on to Rosa's parents house for the party for Carlos. Nothing but good vibes, old friends, drinks, food, food, and more good vibes all around.

Ro, Lucy, and Tara:

Ro and Car (even without red eye reduction, they're an attractive family!):

Little friends on the kitchen mural:

Me and the homemade enchiladas!

Good times.


Amy G. said...

Congrats on your engagement.
Heard the great news from Adina.

Anonymous said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.