Monday, April 03, 2006

Boston marathon

When Ann and I get together, it's pretty much like being with yourself x2. We agree on the course of the day, don't really adhere to many schedules unless there is some kind of reality show on in marathon form that we need to get home for -- for this visit it has been the Lisa Loeb show "#1 Single" altho as I write it's a Sunday morning of "8th and Ocean." Oh and of course later there will be the Masterpiece Theatre marathon on PBS. I swear.

I arrived Weds and here are some highlights. We finished a bag of Cheddar N Sour Cream Ruffles within the first two hours here, and usually that is saved for breakfast. Thurs was wandering thru Brookline with a stop at a really good Thai place for the $6.50 lunch special. Check out the cool platter they serve the meal in.

I couldn't bear to take a picture of my massive plate of linguine with meatballs from Friday night, simply bc it is visually belly-filling.

Saturday we took on some old-timey goodness at Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe. Note the "ppe". Charlie's dates back to the 1920s and is renowned for their turkey hash. That's what the waitress said, "We're famous for our turkey hash." It was diner food of the highest caliber and a bit of the diner regret that can come with massive portions.

I had a crazy omelet listed as "Cajun or Spanish Omelet." I ordered it as Cajun, but not really sure if that makes much of a difference. A big omelet, then really thick salsa is ladeled onto it and it's folded in half, a pretty good idea if you ask me. Ann opted for the turkey hash, and she had to admit she wasn't quite sure why it is the thing that makes them famous. Nonetheless, the atmosphere and the Red Sox bric-a-brac, make it a highly memorable place.

But we do like to balance things out, so we headed to the library after brunch. And Ann made a very heart-healthy redeeming meal last night of broccoli and tofu stir fry.

And a scene from Ann's neighborhood, a great place for wandering with coffee and petting the local dogs on walks.



greggums said...

Two things:

1. I'm a little upset that no one told me to go to Jim Jim's when I was in Austin last year; Ann, I want that shirt and the slurpee that's on it (i know where there's a 7-11 in manhattan that serves Diet Pepsi slurpees, thank g'ness); and

2. How great is 8th & Ocean?! Of course I lurv it. I can't tell which I like better, watching the boy models or watching Britttt tell Teddy off for being a playa and she don't go for that. Well, watching the boy models, prolly, but still. Go Brittt!

greggums said...
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chunky toast said...

Greggums, I myself can't say i'm all that intrigued by 8th & Ocean...but I am intrigued by the comment deleted to this post?!

Anonymous said...

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sam said...

Looks like you girls are having fun. Ann's neighborhood is so cute! Can't wait for you to touch down in nYC!

Ann said...

I believe it's officially a "water ice" not a slurpee, but for my money you can't go wrong with any apparel with dancing foodstuffs.

I liked how Teddy pretended that Britt just didn't know "the real him" for calling him a playa. I'm sure she'll meet a nice boy at Models for Christ

preemptive apology, tara, for whatever Christ-related spam you get based on this post. Unless it's from the LBW.