Sunday, July 30, 2006

Put on yer glad rags

A bit more pictorial we got all dolled up Friday for a good cause, The Red Cross Gala, that our friend Joe is on the planning committee for. There were some top notch Australian celebs and notables, we had former Prime Minister and champion beer guzzler Bob Hawke in all white, former Midnight Oil lead singer/current member of Parliament Peter Garrett , model Michelle Leslie of Bali prison fame, and then a bunch of people I didn't really know were famous but sort of are here.

And then...there was our table of good times and much champagne. It goes down as a historical even merely bc it was the first time I ever saw Haydn in a suit. He cleans up well!

Keynote address by he of "Beds are Burning" fame

Lovely couple Cass and Tom

Champagne whoo hoo!

Table #28 in its glory

Haydn and Tara, on the town

Dessert, including a mini pumpkin pie/torte!

and that wraps up the evening...


greggums said...

Dang, look at you both all gussied up, just a day after being covered in mud and all. Nicely done. But I'm more impressed by the pumpking torte. So it's the Red Cross that's been hording all the canned Libby's, that it? Figures. Damn international aid organizations and their tin cans. Remember that for Thanksgiving this year then, ya?

ann said...

Looove the dress TC. And your man is foine indeed.

melissa said...

You guys look beautiful, Carts! Miss you!

shinyruby said...

gotta say, you 2 cats scrub up ok... ;)

can't wait to see you, working girl!