Monday, August 07, 2006

At the footy

I attended my first Australian sporting event the other night, Australian Rules Football. The Sydney Swans vs Essendon Bulldogs. Swans owned the game!

It's relatively simple game, but I'm sure there are details and things I missed out on...not always sure whey the game stops, why someone gets a free kick, if the ball bounces thru the goalposts does it still count (yes it does). So on and so forth. It's not cricket, in other words.

Here is what I liked about it:
1) no nets on the goalposts, so when they kick the ball thru the uprights it flies into the crowd
2) that in the section we sat, men had to wear collars (downside, haydn didn't have one on so a friend had to bring one over)
3) meat pies! pretty good little snack for rainy weather

But mostly, eating a meat pie, drinking a VB, when the ball gets kicked thru the posts and lands one row in front of me, is pretty priceless. Haydn said immigration should have instantly appeared and given me an Australian passport at that moment.

Me and my meat pie:

Second-half action:

go swans


Carlton said...

Congratulations on attending your first AFL game. Glad you enjoyed it and I'm sure you will now go to many more games.

Mary said...

I am sorry for not commenting properly but I can't see your post, even though I can comment? Strange huh!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara,

Just wanted to let you know that I will be in Sydney from this weekend and it would be great to catch up with you.

I think I have lost your new email but you can write to me at my old hotmail account. I hope to see you soon!


shinyruby said...

meat pie and vb? you are becoming more aussie than me ;)

don't think a vegie pie would quite cut it!!! xx