Monday, July 17, 2006

Pre-show prix fixe

Sunday evening...usually a time for winding down, maybe fighting a bit of the Monday Dreads as my friend Rosi calls 'em, folding the laundry finally, finishing the paper. Oh but not last night. I mustered a different kind of motivation from saturday morning yoga, and put on my Converse All Stars and headed out for some Death Cab for Cutie down at Rebel Rebel at Cockel Bay -- a bay I never knew existed til I had to find the club.

I met up with arguably the most passionate Death Cab fan this side of Seth Cohen from The OC, the lovely Stellaand we grabbed dinner at Black Bird Cafe and soon found ourselves in some pizza deja vu. Just a couple of weeks back we grabbed pizza and vino pre-Sleepy Jackson and now we were doing the same thing pre-Death Cab. Continuity can be good, so can friends who love to share a pizza with lotsa cheeze, mushrooms and onions. Rocket and parmesan for cleansing and a simple bottle of house white. Then onto the show, sold out, all the kids knew all the words and the new songs sounded great. But I was about to turn into a pumpkin before 11, so I grabbed a cab and back to Bondi I went.

But an important fashion footnote from my Sunday Bondi market outing with Michelle...will I or won't I succumb to wearing a one piece shorts combo this summer? Yikes. There was a whole slew of them at one stand and at first I thought these get ups are from another era that maybe doesn't need to be re-visited. And then I thought, wow that'd look cool my with pair of lime green Dr Scholls. Are these being sported in North America this summer or is this one of those Sydney fugly things?

And with that, I'm out.


shinyruby said...

(anything but) chunky, please, listen to me as a true aussie citizen. DON'T GO THERE! fugly doesn't even cover the atrocity of the one piece short suit... pls! don't burn my eyes!!!!

yours in converse fashion ala death cab... xxxxx

LG said...

You're on your own w/that outfit...not seeing them over here...but I do remember one on a Sex in City a BBQ?...which says plenty, I think! If anyone can pull it off, though, you can! (and i want pics if you succumb!)

greggums said...

Well if those onesees don't work out, you could always try this one from

And how's this for marketing copy:
"Buttons in the front and crotch snap for easy diaper changing. Beige/brown/black combination adorned with adinkra symbol, gye nyame, meaning 'except God.' Kufi hat included."

I don't know why you'd want to encourage children to "except God," unless this is some subversive atheistic children's clothing line, but at least the Kufi hat's included with the eternal damnation.

greggums said...

Oh my goodness, quite an assortment of bands coming to the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Next Monday: The Sleepy Jacksons! Are they worth $14US to see?

Sadly, I just missed a Matthew Sweet / Susanna Hoffs double bill last night. Next month: Losers' Lounge the Cure v. the Smiths!

And also, a special night with the case of Sweeny Todd along with Nellie McKay and Duncan Sheik. Weird.

The Other LG said...

Dude, call me crazy but I think they are kinda cut. I haven't seen this version around much but plenty of the short-sleeved or sleeveless types with buttons or snaps from the waist up. Go on girl, rock it.

Lucy said...

That would be "cute" not "cut." Can't type today.

chunky toast said...

I feel like if I puttered in a garden or drank martinis at 4pm with a neighbor lady, this would be the outfit. In the meantime, it could be ok for the beach or only live once and I'd keep it tame with a solid color instead of lollipop print or something. Goose, shall I pick one up for you at the market and we can match when you get here? Ann, you game, too? Big sunnies + Dr Scholls would be the bomb, pretty much.

Mary said...

LOL at SR's comment :-)I reckon they look real cute but then I don't follow fashion. Who cares and wear them! Kinda 50's hey.

ann said...

I always encourage experimentation. It would be like a costume party all the time. I see them with high heels for a completely trashy look, but that is more indicative of my personal style.

I'm only in if there are crotch snaps. athiest crotch snaps.