Saturday, July 08, 2006

Austria meets Australia

Been awhile since the last post what with the ailment of last week and the start of a new gig and new commute this week. The new gig is marketing at EMI/Capitol and I'm totally digging it and the much more user-friendly accounting system than the lumbering Oracle I use to work in. But mostly, I love the roster and am hoping to stick around EMI for awhile...even tho it is out in the 'burbs or as one colleague said "in Desperate Housewives land."

And after wrapping up week 1, I met Haydn at his office for a couple of glasses of wine with office folk and then he and I headed to Una's Cafe. It was a new culinary experience, while I usually crave Chinese, Thai or Indian, I wanted something of the hearty, European type fare. So we headed to Una's, which Haydn said was Polish, but we were corrected that it is Austrian. And by the number of schnitzel options on the menu, yes it is Austrian if it is anything!

So we didn't mess around and ordered the deep-fried camembert! Oh man, this was like fancy deep fried cheese curds from, very creamy and a lovely coating, served with cranberry sauce.

For mains, Haydn went for the Jaeger Schnitzel -- veal schnitzel with a mushroom sauce, and I had the bratwurst with sauerkraut, to which the waitress replied "beautiful," when I ordered. My picture of my meal is a big shaky as I was in anticipation of more sauerkraut than I have ever seen on one plate! Haydn said if I ate the whole thing he'd walk home on his hands. It was all served with a side of spaetzle/rosti, which made me think of my friend Gregg who can live on the stuff! Oh if only there was Spotted Cow in Australia...

Now I don't think I need to eat again for about 2 days. Thanks, Una!

Happy weekend,


Mary said...

Yummo! I haven't been there in years. Yep, definitely don't need to eat for two days later LOL.

PS. I came by through Shiny Ruby's blog :-)

greggums said...

Well it's two days later and the Darlinghurst location has a special on fresh mountain trout, so get to it! The NY Times "safe fish" list says you can eat it at least once a week!

I'm not sure they'd say the same thing about Jaegerwurst. I'm not sure they'd say the same things about spaetzel either, but I'd do it!