Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Chocolate Dog by day...

...Mexican by Nite! This was the sign hanging outside the coffee place in Newtown that was recommended to us for some honest to goodness authentic Mexican food. The Chocolate Dog is a cafe by day on a corner in Newtown with lots of windows facing out the busy street. And at night a family -- someone said from Chile -- runs it as a Mexican restaurant. And it was so delicious! We had Chili con Queso which was no Velveeta, lemme tell you, but hot chili and melted cheese and jalapenos. Haydn and I both got enchilads, he opted for two chicken enchiladas at "medium" heat, as we could specify how spicy we wanted it. I got one beef, one chicken enchilada and turned it up a notch to "medium to hot."

It was so fresh and flavorful and mine definitely had some heat, just as it should. Served with guac, sour cream, brown rice, and some greens. Lots of stuff. This wasn't any Old El Paso kit, which is what the section of Mexican food comprises at the grocery stores here. So, I highly recommend The Chocolate Dog...Mexican by Nite. The place was packed by 7:15pm on Thursday and we were in food coma by 8pm...

In other's a cloudy Saturday, there's a marathon of "Fame" on tv and I'm going to try a new yoga place this afternoon. I love my dear Tamarama Surf Club, but it's getting too cold there at the old ramshackle surf club. Makes for too much meditation pondering the greatness of space heaters.

...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO ANNIE working her bootie off at Wellesley reunion weekend. I salute ye!

...also, Haydn kindly shared Dave's Pumpkin Soup recipe on the comments page on the posting The Good Orange.



Ann said...

A fame marathon, wow it doesn't get much better than that. Quite the great country.

Yay for birthdays with biddies, i'm waiting for one to bring me my scotch because you know they're downing it 24-7

greggums said...

Coming from El Barrio in NYC, it would seem odd to eat Mexicano in Australia, but we may have to eat there come November. For ol' times' sake. And paint-thinner margs?

Also, GO YOU SOCCEROOS! The Herald Sun says: "Australia in historic victory over Japan"! (That sounds frighteningly like a headline from 60 years ago.)

I'm off to find a Midtown pub to watch the US/Czech game. "US in historic victory over Czech Republic" doesn't have quite the same ring, but here's hoping!

greggums said...

Bah. Or not. More like "Czechs trounce US 3-0 as payback for that whole 'wait and see' thing in 1939." But at least I'm drunk at 2 PM.

shinyruby said...

i LURVE chocolate dog! and did you know it's right across the road from my house? If that isn't dangerous food tempations, i dunno what is!

i think this calls for a good enough reason for a gals dinner - good mexican, central location... bring it on!


chunky toast said...

only downfall to Choc Dog -- BYO, and I don't know if that includes a blender for margaritas, but maybe i'll bring a paint stick for a bottle of wine. Hmm.

Sadly, I didn't watch the Socceroos at 11pm last night, i was too tired. Which meant I really didn't watch US-Czech, but did read how sorely disappointed the NY Times are of U-S-A.

And for Shiny...yessssss Chocolate Dog with Ems. I know she's been there too. She can bring the Idle Hands, god bless her.