Sunday, June 18, 2006

Maple Flavoured

The obligatory Sunday morning breakfast post, coming at ya. Saturday breakfast is becoming pretty good too, with the last two Saturday's at Barista's across from the beach, home of actual "chunky toast" the inspiration for the very name of this here blog. So, next Saturday I'll bring along my camera there.

But today, it was American style breakfast with pancakes and bacon...and, um, Maple Flavoured Syrup. Not Maple Syrup, mind you, but maple-flavoured. Haydn contends there isn't really such a thing as Maple Syrup despite our spending an entire weekend in Vermont a couple of years back. Silly! So I must say while the pancakes were right on and the bacon from Sam the Organic Butcher as bacon-y as ever, the syrup was a tad runny. But we soldiered on in the name of breaky.

And now, the next challenge for us here in Oz is staying up to watch the Socceroos take on Brazil at 2am local time! Go Aussies Go!

The aforementioned syrup in foreground, Haydn in background:

Breakfast at my recently acquired desk from St Vinnie's, in the sunny spot:



greggums said...

Sorry, Socceroos! I watched, I rooted, I hoped. You lost. But I did enjoy a nice pint of beer with breakfast, and the US tied Italy yesterday, so all is not lost.

Note to self: visit VT before visiting AUS for *real* maple syrup. Esp. since, according to Al Gore's global warming film, there won't be anything but the "-flavoured" kind once global warming does its business and dries up all the sap.

Anonymous said...

I have had a call this morning from the department of immigration, it would appear that one person who wishes to remain here, SLEPT THROUGH THE SOCCEROOS, and doesn't eat vegimite, hmmmmm and has the audacity to complain about our maple syrup, who taps trees for sauces????

PS Gregg - you will soon find out the word rooting here, well it means something different, but just as supportive!